I just recently purchased a Shilo Sharps in 45/70, and was wondering what the would be the largest game, I could take with it?" />

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Default 45/70's

I just recently purchased a Shilo Sharps in 45/70, and was wondering what the would be the largest game, I could take with it?
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Default RE: 45/70's

what country ??
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Default RE: 45/70's

Anything you want.

A few months ago I read where a woman made a killing shot on a buffalo at over 1000 yards with a 45-70. No that's not a typo... 1000 yards with a single shot from a 45-70.
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Default RE: 45/70's

Commentary on Farrow Rifles
Milton Farrow was the best rifle shot in America. ... also have had the rear butt
sight and would have been a .45-70 which carries better at long range. ...

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Default RE: 45/70's

Dinosaurs if they still walked the earth. A good hard cast bullet of about 500 grains won't stop for much.
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Default RE: 45/70's

Just, whatever you do, don't ask if its enough gun for bears[&:]!!! LOL, sorry the .308 for bears thread has worn me out. I'd say easily anything in North America, and yes shot placement would be key, and yes there are bigger badder mammer-jammers out there.

Do doubt someone will mention how "little" energy it has...but I think people get caught up in the numbers sometimes and forget that a 400gr bullet is gonna "keep" alot more energy than a 200gr bullet and so it doesn't need as much to began with.
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Default RE: 45/70's

Look at some of the loads that the Buffalo Bore company makes for the stronger 45-70s out there. I would use my Marlin 1895 and hunt anything in North America or the game in Africa should I ever be so lucky to go.
http://www.buffalobore.com/ammunition/default.htm#4570 These loads may not be reccomended for your rifle though.
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Default RE: 45/70's

I shoot a .450 Marlin which is basically a 45/70 that is hot loaded. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for anything that walks.
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Default RE: 45/70's

First, remember that a Sharps action isnt as strong as a Ruger #1, modern bolt actions or a Marlin lever action. You want to be careful what you feed it.

Having said that, if a Sharps 45-70 could take bison...I reckon it still can. Big heavy bullets dont stop real easily. Dunno I would try it on blue whales, but anything that walks would be fair game.
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Default RE: 45/70's

Milton Farrow was the best rifle shot in America.
And here i thought it was "Quigley!!" , now that i know "that" i think i'll go burn my copy of the movie!!

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