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Do you think this product is needed?

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Do you think this product is needed?


Old 07-12-2019, 12:04 PM
Nontypical Buck
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I also agree, yes the world is advancing in tech, but also, its making many HUMAN"S stupid in the process, and lacking humans the responsibility of there actions, they all sure seem to me to want everything that goes wrong to be someone or something else's fault!
as again, you can re invent the wheel all you want, but it all gets you to the same place, why need all the tech ? all it does is cost more money and raises the price on what was very simple things yrs ago, that humans did for yrs and yrs without much of the tech or the high costs to have the tech!

Tech can be both good and bad, sad so few seem to see it this way and just want everything to do everything for them and NOT have to learn or be responsible for anything anymore!
humans make mistakes and always will
machines can fail, there MADE by humans at some point, so your never going to get rid of accidents or mistakes, its the nature of the beast
HOW complicated one wishes to make things, to try, is all that is going on, the end results, are always the same, machines fail, humans make mistakes

better educated a person is, better the training they get, the less things go bad!
don't need tech to know this!!
LAZY is what is ruining the world today IMO!
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