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A Mulle Forum Wanted

Old 12-10-2009, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander
I understand where Muley is coming from especially on the bolded part. I have hunted whitetails for the past 46 years mostly in the northeast. In the past 15 years I have ventured out and done some hunting in the mid west, Canada and for the past 4 years out west. Times have changed for the deer hunter and all the TV productions glorifying horn porn plays a part. I remember stealthycat making a post a few years ago saying practically what Muley said about how hunting is changing and the old times were better. I don't agree with changing this forum away from whitetail. If there was enough interest then the owners could create a separate mule deer forum. The real important part of his post is in bold and should be discussed further.
It does need to be discussed further. At what point has the gadget aquisition gone to far? At what point does the horn porn negatively effect hunting? I talked about in the big game forum a switch to my open site 30/30 this year. I spent the better part of a day getting into position on an elk herd, even belly crawling to get in close to the herd. They walked all around me and I was right in with them. Never found the legal bull, but it was an awsome hunt. There was a joy in the simplicity of the hunt. I wore woolies and a flannel shirt with an orange vest, and man I felt alive crawling in there. No scope, no camo, no scents, nothing. We have gone too far. If you set up a trail cam and have a big buck go by, then hunt that buck and kill him, you relied on video equipment to harvest that deer. You can candy coat it all you want to but the truth is the truth. It's sickening some of the practices alleged hunters will undertake for the pursuit of a "trophy" buck. It's not just deer either, the "Spider Bull" episode from last year was equally repulsive. If you have money, you too can buy an auction tag and be given special hunting privalages. Lets not worry about the common folks, as that tag money goes toward conservation. Let me say this and hear me out: Most members on this board DO NOT have the financial resources to keep pace with the direction hunting is going.
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Originally Posted by DeerandbearhoG
I dont think that this thread was originally intended as a discussion about how TV shows have dumbed down whitetail hunting or "horn porn", I hate all that crap too. I think it was a obvious attempt to marginalize whitetail hunting as some lame activity, out of frustration of the fact that whitetail hunting is way more popular in this counrty than mule deer hunting(OPs hunting)is. lets be honest, mule deer hunting is basically spot and stalk, im sure it poses its own challenges and im sure theres plenty to talk about within that particular microcosm, but compared to whiletail hunting, its pretty 1 dementional. For one, the WTs range is many Xs greater than the mule deers and varys greatly, so there gonna be a wide variety of differnt tactics to disscuss from region to region. 2nd, whitetails themselve, vary greatly in size and behavior from region to region, so naturally theres just more to disscuss and way more people to discuss it. no need to turn your nose down at somthing just cause its more popular than what youre into. this is the most active forum on HN can anyone really expect this thread to be taken positivly?
Got your attention though didn't I? If you don't know the intent of this thread, then you don't know me very well. There are a few on here who know my MO, and this thread has gone exactly where it was intended to go.
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Much food for thought spread like seed in a field in most of these post and responses for sure. But Muley your tone and manner of expressing yourself ruined any chance of your question or desire for another Forum less focused on what we enjoy hunting being taken serious and geting profitable input overall. Passion about what you enjoy is good but mocking anothers different passion is not a good thing. I likewise being new to the sport find all the commercial excesses a bit disapointing but hey this is Capitalism and a free marketplace world in which we in America live in right? Respecting others who differ with us is a lost art but a needful one for us all.
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Originally Posted by Muley669
There are a few on here who know my MO, and this thread has gone exactly where it was intended to go.
Isn't that how chicks often times start their conversations? By NOT saying what they intend to say or mean and instead try to manipulate a conversation in a certain direction? You must be a chick. A VERY LARGE chick.

I've actually liked a lot of what you've said later in this thread, you just had a dumbassed way of getting to it.
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Seriously, who cares what you think, it's your opinion and it is worthless to me. You come in here blasting people for hunting whitetails and tell them your way is more challenging. I hope you don't hunt any whitetails again, maybe someone who is more appreciative will get to harvest the big ones you would have easily taken due to your superior hunting skills.

Take what you see on TV with a grain of salt, most whitetail hunters do not use all that stuff or get to control the land they hunt.

Originally Posted by Muley669
Sounds like the depth of your mule deer hunting expeirence has been from watching videos sitting on the couch. How many mule deers hunts have you been on? I have taken several bucks of both species, and I can tell you high country muleys are one of the most challenging animals to hunt in North America.
Lying in wait, on a game trail, with cameras, scents, grunts, ridiculous scent lock suits, this gizmo and that gizmo sums up whitetail hunting in America today. Throw in the unnatural modification of environment via QDM and AI practices and you have genetically engineered deer minipulated for horn porn. Sorry, not my idea of a challanging hunt.
Now all this came about because of an idea to have separate forums for species and a few got their panties in a bunch. How about a compromise, we turn this forum in to the Mule deer forum, and move whitetails to the varmit forum where they belong.
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Originally Posted by 7.62NATO
Actually, you should have posted this in the Big Game section. Makes more sense to post it there since Mullies are LISTED SUBSECTION. Posting this here causes nothing but pot stirring.

As for addressing the point, what do you expect the rank and file forum members to do about it? PM a moderator because you obviously aren't going to get any support here, given your tone.
Actually it belongs in the ( Enhancement Request/ Wish List )
Forum, that I am moving it to.

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3 months on the mountain most of us on this forum actually have to work for a living.
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Originally Posted by LKNCHOPPERS

Seriously, who cares what you think, it's your opinion and it is worthless to me. You come in here blasting people for hunting whitetails and tell them your way is more challenging. I hope you don't hunt any whitetails again, maybe someone who is more appreciative will get to harvest the big ones...
x2 on that!

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Originally Posted by browningbolt
3 months on the mountain most of us on this forum actually have to work for a living.
I believe he was working for a living on most of those 3 months. Getting back to the original point of the thread, Muley said a few things that got everyone talking. All he was asking for was a separate mule deer forum which wouldn't cause much of what has gone on. The fact that he made some statements about the whitetail crowd that could be a bit confrontational created the situation that we have now. Hunting deer out west is certainly different than back east, the south or in the mid west. Hunting is hunting and every region has its own idiosyncrasies. Part of what he was talking about is one of the single most important things that affect the whitetail deer hunter. Loss of hunting opportunities due to the quest for big bucks and the large amount of cash that it takes to get one. Many areas of historically open land now are all tied up with large lease operations. Hunting access used to be by relationship and sealed with a handshake. Now it is with a checkbook. Most here are normal people who work hard and enjoy hunting and haven't had to pay fees and leases to enjoy the pursuit. There is not much leasing here in Vermont due to the fact that the area doesn't produce large racked bucks. Right now it is getting harder to find good quality whitetail habitat for free because of the movement towards leases in areas where the racks grow large. Farmers who historically were ok with people hunting their lands are now aware that they can get thousands of dollars through leases. It spreads like a plague and once it starts it doesn't end. The TV shows are just promoting all of the above along with their advertising which are hawking all the gadgets that seem to work on TV. The reality is the hunting public is being ripped off and most of the crap they are advertising doesnít work and the sales are focused on people who donít know any better or are looking for shortcuts to get deer. I can understand the image of a hunter going out with a pair of barn boots, a 30-30 and checked wool coat looking for his buck. Crossing from one fence line to another didnít matter because people at that time and place just accepted that hunters were their neighbors and were only looking to bag a buck. Those were indeed the good old days.
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