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thought I'd share my adventure with you

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thought I'd share my adventure with you


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Default thought I'd share my adventure with you

As many of you know, Iíve been working with hunters and anglers with disabilities ever since becoming disabled. One terrific organization I work with periodically is The Way Outfitters. They provide hunting and fishing adventures for disabled kids and veterans. I really like working with these guys because they are one of a few organizations that are totally volunteer from the top down. They do what they do because itís the right thing to do, which is always the way Iíve approached my own work. They have a television show on the Sportsmanís Channel so if you get a chance, check it out.

Anyway, when I was asked if I would like to go on a hunt in front of the camera, I was apprehensive but excited. One thing led to another and soon I found myself about six hours from home enjoying a delicious supper with the friendliest and most helpful bunch of folks that you could ever imagine. We were getting ready for a trophy Whitetail hunt over the next few days! I was prepared for bitter January weather but I was pleasantly surprised with almost 40į!

Saturday morning involved interviews for the show. After that we went out to where we were hunting for the afternoon.

One last stand up before the sit.

Here is one of Riley and I getting a mic before the hunt.

Late morning found us looking up about 8 feet toward an elevated blind. Between an awesome lift and some big equipment, up went me in my chair. Getting me in the blind was the most intriguing part of the trip. I backed into a small blind that was hydraulically powered to lift me to the right height. Then Bob pulled up a payloader and got the bucket in position. We placed a couple pieces of heavy steel for ramps so I could drive into the bucket and turn toward the big blind. Then I drove over another piece of steel into the big blind.

Here's Brach with the ever present camera.

I havenít been that high above the ground since a wheelchair came into my life so it was a real treat!

We got comfortable and let the woods settle down for a couple hours before the deer started moving.

It was fun watching a couple young bucks sparring across the field, showing off for a couple does with fawns. The excitement rose when we spotted a monster buck ghosting along the distant tree line! Looked like an elk when he lifted his head and the sun shone off 185 inches of antler! He was by far biggest Whitetail Iíve ever watched.

Eventually we were almost out of light for filming when a very respectable nine point
showed up. Good looking buck but not much mass. He needed to grow another year. I figured we had about five minutes left when a high, wide 10 point stepped onto the field. That one was definitely a shooter! Itís tough to make sure the cameraís ready once the light is going fast and you make the decision to drop the hammer. I donít know how these guys do it with a regular shooting set up! Iím aiming with a joystick and waiting to bite my trigger and of course that buck kept walking. Finally all was set and he turned just enough. I laid the crosshairs right where they needed to go and bit down lightly on my bite trigger. CRACK!!! And down he went! The 100 grain Hornadays out of my 243 performed perfectly!

Hereís one of me with my buck along with my guide, Bob Singler with Outdoor Wish

My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who made this trip possible! Everything was first class all the way from our initial supper at the Machine Shed and our motel Comfort Suites in Appleton to our wild game feed at Bobís place. Riley really guarded the Jambalaya on the drive home. Special thanks to the guys from the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of SCI and of course my guide, Bob Singler at Wolf River Preserve who made it all possible. It wouldnít have happened if you hadnít had all the equipment needed to get me 8 feet off the ground in position for that terrific buck. It is really a great place you have down there. Thank you Riley and Deb for bringing me down there and helping me every step of the way. My thanks to Walt's Taxidermy for mounting my buck. I hope it has only two ears and eyes in the right place lol! Thereís so many more of you folks who touched my heart on this tripÖ Finally, Roger, my friend, you and all the other guys from The Way Outfitters did an amazing job setting everything up and getting me involved in this adventure. I canít thank you enough. I met so many great people on this trip who made me feel like a part of your family. There will always be a place at my campfire if you make it up to northwestern Wisconsin. God bless you all!


If you get a chance, please check out The Way Outfitters. They have a show airing now was sportsman's channel and their website is
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Old 01-16-2012, 03:19 PM
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Congrats on a great buck!!! Looks like you had a great time. Good to hear.

There are many special people out there doing wonderful things for the disabled men and women of our great sport. I would just like to say "thank you" to all of these people- the ones in front of the camera and the ones behind the scenes makin' it happen!

God bless you all.
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My hat goes off to everyone who helps with this type of program. I am a disabled vet, I still fish and hunt,not as easy as others...but do not tell me that. There are times I cuss under my breath when dragging a hog and wondering why I do what I do. lol To see a program like this .... makes my heart skip a beat. God bless
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My dear friend -
Thanks for not only sharing your adventure but for all the good you do at THE BACK FORTY. With all the emphasis on getting kids hepped up for hunting, returning disabled veterans, and the developing of the woman's outdoor market it is nice to know SOMEONE remembers the ordinary old gimp who now finds it a challenge in getting out there. God bless you Don.

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Old 01-17-2012, 12:44 PM
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great job. looking forward to your next hunt ! go get em
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Way to go, Don!
No matter how much effort it takes for us to get out there, it's always worth it.
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Thanks for your kind words, guys!

Originally Posted by Brazilnut View Post
No matter how much effort it takes for us to get out there, it's always worth it.
Well said! If you can get out, do it, and if you can help someone get in the woods or on the water, that's even better!

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Old 03-21-2012, 02:42 PM
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afarcry: Congradulations on a successful hunt. To the people who helped this member, a huge bouquet. Thanks for sharing.
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