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a few days to have any idea .


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Default a few days to have any idea .

To guess his father 's views on this matter , there is no hate in my sister on the left , what he no longer persuade .
You do not worry about me , hands on knee , whisper said , luxury home want to fight the world , can not tolerate a little brotherhood, I'd like to see in this hilltop luxury home to come crashing
Sister that can stop luxury home. Heart of a dynamic, asked.
You sail on board the ship from Jiangmen , a few days to have any idea .
Some ideas , but also very confused , shook his head , Daosi see through Song intentionally self-preservation , so I guess he will not stop her sister to leave.
Seems difficult to compete with the ruling and opposition , the forces actually not weak , says , Dongyang , four places, seemingly scattered, each thousands of miles away , forces difficult to gather , then a large ship to sail , the wind , but San Wuri away. Dongyang Xiangyong and needless to say , sudden changes in his life, you say the world who can mobilize the army.
Bow to consider , some of the problems he has considered , but did not want my sister thoroughly .
Women in the wedding occasion with Gu , and Lin will get closer family ties .
And the forest department to assess the forces fighting the strongest, most prestigious , no doubt , but the military forces Dongyang Xiangyong and can not be ignored .
Dongyang Xiangyong is hand cast , and more forest in the town camp children as the backbone , and forest communities naturally rely heavily on a series of core strength .
Remnants in very difficult circumstances , is, is north , joint after shot victory , only out of the woods .
Jagged in the brutal battle that played out on the esprit de corps brotherhood sincere , solid , combined to sell before this , almost military destruction of the lesson , and then gave the other toward the de facto ruler of repression, is the pressure Kang Zhu and others , in the remnants compiled based on the military to avoid
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