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disabled hunters?

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disabled hunters?

Old 06-17-2008, 03:04 PM
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Default disabled hunters?

what do you guys hunt with?
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Old 06-27-2008, 06:40 AM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

I hunt mainly with my bow and on occasion(like the first 2 days of gun season) with either my ithica deerslayer of my model 70 30.06
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Old 07-02-2008, 07:05 AM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

my disability is my heart, so i still bow, rifle, shotgun and pistol shoot--just a whole lot slower than i used to. can't run after the turkey like before, so i walk and take frequent rest stops. i still get to hunt deer as before, just take a lot longer getting to the stand than before--so i compensate and leave earlier. never let it get you down, or you might not get back up!!--one benefit of being declared disabled and made to retire- i have a lot more time to hunt and fish than i had before. and the game i get sure helps to stretch the budget. only real disappointment is the lack of help that i always tried to show the elderly and disabled that hunted with me when i was younger. don't see that anymore around the camps i have visited lately. i guess times- they are a changing!---Bill
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Old 07-03-2008, 01:39 PM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

After all the years of .30-06, .270 and .243 and 12ga, 16ga, 20ga and .410, I settled for the Ruger6.5mmSwede and FN BRN A-5 12gaW/Hastings Rifled Barrel and Sabots.

I ran Hog Dogs for 45+ years, but since 2000 after the vascular surgeriesI have been stand hunting deer, but only if I have help with getting it back to camp and butchering it. I have 2 Abdominal Aneurysms which I have CT SCANS every 6 months. So far the doctor has given me the OK, but no heavy lifting. I also have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hips.....

Hey guys................this is the Golden Years!
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Old 07-16-2008, 08:51 AM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

I am disabled from a spinal birth defect that caught up with me and have had to have 4 spinal surgs. to keep me on my feet. I have lost some of the use of my left leg and my left foot is mostly useless and no feeling. I have no reflexes in either leg.
I was in a horrendoush car crash that left me with a demolished left shoulder and moderate head injury. Shoulder reconstruction has left me unable to shoot a bow anylonger. That was total devistation to me.

I now have a crossbow permit for the state of WV. I used it to take a 4pt last fall. It isn't "bowhunting" as I knew and loved but it is still close range fun. Starting this fall I will nolonger be using ladder stands and use ground blinds. I used them some last year and it was different but effective.

I do use rifles to carry in the woods for big game but haven't fired one in 8yrs now. I have let my kids do all the shooting for the past 15yrs for the most part, or haven't seen a buck that was bigger than anything I have taken in the past. My son and daughterkeep meat on the table I like to take one a year with bow (Crossbow now)....I did take a couple deer to finally harvest something with a gun I bought some years earlier. I have a feeling I will be back to hunting on my own this season as my son is 21 and my daughter is not hunting as much as she once did. As for rifles I have several and like to make excuses to need more. My 2 deer go-to's are a Remington 700 Stainless in .270WSM and an Encore with many different barrels from pistol to shotgun, but my favorite deer bbl is .243 win. I have Savage 112 LO-Profile w/Thumbhole Stock and fluted bull bbl in .204 ruger and a Ruger 77/22Hornet that I use for varmints. I picked up a Tikka Model 695 that was still NIB in 30-06 that I topped with a Redfield scope, for an "all around" rifle. Funny thing is I used 12 rds to sight it in with my pet '06 reload and it hasn't left the safe in 4yrs. (it may be for trade if anyone has another toy they aren't using). otherwise I have some rifles and shotguns that have sentimental or collector value that stay tucked in the back of the safe.

Shotguns are something I used to dearly love hunting with but now I am just not able to hunt upland game and I miss it as well. I may still use them on turkeys from time to time, but I have obtained a Ruger 10/22Hornet that is a real tackdriving turkey taker.

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Old 07-29-2008, 02:40 PM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

i am new to board, also new to handicap.I have cmt and now wear braces on both legs.
I am trying to find a place to hunt in NC
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Old 07-30-2008, 07:19 AM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

ORIGINAL: Dryridge

I now have a crossbow permit for the state of WV. I used it to take a 4pt last fall. It isn't "bowhunting" as I knew and loved but it is still close range fun. Starting this fall I will nolonger be using ladder stands and use ground blinds. I used them some last year and it was different but effective.
I don't see anything miraculous about a crossbow that should make you feel like it's not "bowhunting". I was looking through Cabela's catalog and I only saw one crossbow that shot faster than a compound bow. Most of them were right around 300 fps which is slower than most bows.
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Old 08-04-2008, 09:30 PM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

Well, I am new to the use of a bow, and now have a bear lights out, and a crossbow. I have a permit to use a draw lock device as messed up as my shoulders are, but I have to try to hunt with out it! I have had one kill with my crossbow, and that fueled the desire to try other sticks and strings, I have not practiced with my recurve as much, but hope to shoot a deer with it soon. I also use a Mossberg 500 12ga, have a customized 28 inch field barrel. Had the forcing cone removed, and the barrel ported. It does a great job on about everything, and the chokes work so much better with the cone removed. I also have the scoped and rifled slug barrel with it as well. I also like to use my 357 with iron sights inside 40 yds for deer. I was also able to save and get a Reminton 700 SPS in 308 WIN. I have yet to zero in the scope, but plan to use a 165 to 168 grain bullet as it has a one in twelve barrel twist, and with a 26in barrel, I am confident in it to put down everything I need it to.
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Old 08-09-2008, 02:58 PM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

B00mer, I'm a handicapped hunter in NC. Drop me an email and we'll see about getting together for a hunt. You need to join the North Carolina Handicapped Sportsman Inc. You can in get on some quality hunts and meet lots of new friends. ( [email protected] )

I hunt with an Excalibur crossbow, a CVA Optima Pro, a Browning BAR .308, a Browning A-Bolt Medallion .270, a Remington 1100, a Remington 11-87 and a Ruger Red Label 20ga O/U.

God Bless,

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Old 08-16-2008, 10:24 PM
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Default RE: disabled hunters?

Hey guys, I'm not disabled, but for quite awhile now something has been telling me to start up something (like a outfitter) where it could accomidate ONLY disabled hunters. Here lately I've been going over ideas, looking for suitable land, housing accomidations, etc. The one question I should be asking, "To all the disabled hunters, would you be interested in going to a location to hunt (deer/turkey) if it was available?" Also,if there is something that would hold you back from going, what would it be? Location would more than likely be in the central US. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
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Quick Reply: disabled hunters?

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