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Missed for the first time-ish?

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Missed for the first time-ish?

Old 11-03-2019, 02:07 AM
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Default Missed for the first time-ish?

This is my second year hunting, and I have had nothing but terrible luck. The first doe that come out about 20 yards, my crossbow hit her in the shoulder, broad head stuck, arrow shaft broke off, deer made it away no problem. No blood, for yards. So I'm assuming no death. Second deer was a buck, whom i missed TWICE within 10 minutes. That's right, this guy didnt run off but came back with enough time to re-load a crossbow. And I still missed.
I shoot in a modified barn, that's basically like a a tree stand. Max distance you can shoot is about 40 yards, into an open food plot surrounded by woods. The buck was at 40 yards at first, which truth be told, I've not shot that far. But the second time he came in, it was about 20 yards. No wind, no rain, no nothing except my terrible skill apparently. Perhaps it was panick. But the first year I hunted, I didnt miss the only two deer I shot. I got a doe with a shotgun, dropped her right at the spot. Second was a small buck whom I got with my crossbow, heart and lung shot. Dropped in eyesight. So my question is, what the dung is going on this year????? I practiced all summer and still cant hit anything right????
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How much do you practice? If you never practiced at 40 yards you have no business taking shots at that distance, it sounds like your problem is you not being proficient with your crossbow.
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Old 11-03-2019, 03:19 PM
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well sorry if this offends you, but NO deer hit with a broad head and the shaft breaks off si FINE
and odds are it could very well be DEAD!
due dillagence means looking for that deer with effort
just cause NO blood or?? you KNOW Its been hit, most modern crossbows have enough energy to push a broadsheet thru a shoulder blade, MAYBE NOT BOTH< but enough to get a head into vitals, and a bolt stock in a deer will, NOT bleed all the time at first, as its plugging the hole so to speak
BUT as that deer moves that shaft with the broadhead on will move and cut things as it moves and could KILL it, be it a 100 yards away or a 1/2 mile or???
you really should be looking for that deer IMO!

you say you practice , but then say you DON"T practice at 40 yards yet took a shot at 40 yards,
that's not the way to find out if you can HIT things, as a living animal
the time to KNOW if you can make a 40 yards shot is in PRACTICE at a TARGET
or you can again, be shooting another deer, y you might be wounding, and or NOT recovering, yet ends up dying due to your poor shot placement!

IF you want MY opinion,
I say you need to practice MORE< get better at HITTING things your aiming at, at distances you can hit them at accurately!
and learn more about what to do after you SHOOT a deer, in ways to attempt to find it afterwards!

BY law, your required to make all efforts to find a animal you SHOOT too!
not just shoot them, and say, there OK, and shoot another one!
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No more taking shots you have not practiced.

Use proper equipment. I hit a buck in the shoulder a few years ago. I watched the arrow hit and bounce straight back out. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't watch it myself.

Through this forum I realized I was probably using a bad combination of equipment.

You need to practice. Allot. You need to practice field shots at the ranges you will be hunting. This means that shooting off a rest in the backyard doesn't cut it. Because you're probably not shooting off a rest set up that way in the field. So make your practice reflect your hunting conditions.

Don't take risky shots. As a new hunter this can be tough. It's easy to talk yourself into "trying" a shot. Don't try a shot. Be patient and take shots you know that you can make.

Good luck

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