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is a deer any deader with a crossbow that's $2,000.00 or more than a crossbow that's $500.00 ???
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Originally Posted by grouch55 View Post
is a deer any deader with a crossbow that's $2,000.00 or more than a crossbow that's $500.00 ???
NO< the point of these X bows is there size is small, there balanced way better, and well they shoot WAY flatter, so your a LOT less likely to miss/wound or other wise loose a deer by being off a tad on guessing the yardage of the deer at the e time of the shot
I am NOT a fan of folks buying these with plans to shoot REAL far like past 50 yards, which I think many are , due to they can shoot them that far on paper and group well off a rest!

but just like there are custom rifles that costs thousands and a zillion calibers fro, BIG to small,
its all about WANT, more than ever, as NO one needs a lot of the things they have now, if your honest with yourself , odds are you have a bunch of things that are over kill or don't need

Like who needs a vehicle that can go faster than the speed limit??
or who has more money then JUST ENOUGH to get BY!
if you go down this road, you will find its hard to complain about a 2k x bow when you have other like silly things if being honest here!
if it makes one happy and they can afford it and its LEGAL< good for them I say!, keeps new tech advancing, to be honest,a s if NO one bought this new stuff, newer better things wouldn;t be made as much IMO!
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