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Crossbow advice

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Default Crossbow advice

Thanks in advance....
A coworker is looking to buy a crossbow for spouse as a gift.

As the resident outdoorsman I've been asked for advice

I know a thing or 2 about recurves and compounds but about nothing on crossbows, but told her I'd ask around.

I believe the intent is to use it mostly for fun target shooting but also possibly deer hunting.

ANY advice on a decent entry-level crossbow would be greatly appreciated

Also, any recommended vendors or shopping techniques (i.e. I suggested if they choose a compound to buy a consignment bow at a legit archery shop) would be helpful

I don't know the budget but would imagine under 500$. Not sure that is realistic for a crossbow (??)

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btw location is central florida / tampa bay area
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check out sportsmansguide dot com very reasonable !!!
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I am also in the market for a xbow. Although I will no doubt buy my bow from a pro shop, I would certainly give this outfit a look:
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I would look into the Excalibur line of crossbows. Easy maintenance and great customer service. It may be a little pricey for the faster models. If going with the recurve I would not go any slower that 335 ft/sec as they are a touch louder than the compounds. The Matrix line is very good.

If she is just wanting to target shoot she can get away with a slower/cheaper model.

I have seen some bad accidents with the compounds is one reason I personally would steer clear. I had a Barnett quad 400 at one time but I was very uneasy and only 1 bolt held the limbs to the stock. A buddy had a Carbon Express and somehow the cam got scratched. It didn't cause a problem until his wife shot at a deer with it and the string snapped. She was very lucky to not get injured and ended up costing over 500$ to repair to bow.

Bow hunters superstore and Eders do military discounts and have pretty good prices.
WyvernCreations has a ton of experience and could help them decide on a great Xbow also
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best advice is tell them to go to a GOOD bow shop, see, hold, handle X bows, and find one that fits them best
a great bow that is too big heavy or small, will NOT do them any good, and all folks are different in what THEY like and what fits them
ALL brand name X bows are of GOOD quality today
as price tags go up, better features are included on them
and then its about practice practice practice, to learn how to be accurate and how to quickly kill a hunted animal
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The above is without doubt the best advice. Go where you can handle a big selection of various brands at various prices and find one that fits you and your wallet. You also will be in the presence knowledgeable people who will be able to answer your questions and assist you. In most cases, you will be able to shoot the cross bows as well.
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