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Default Crossbow set up for elk

As i spend most all of archery seaon here in wyoming hunting by myself with a compound for the last 12 years i find it difficult harvesting my elk during the rut , i run into the problem of calling and trying to ready for the shot to be difficult , i can get elk within shooting distance every year i just cant get a shot in due to drawing my bow back and spooking the elk .
I would like to use a crossbow for next years archery hunt as this will eliminate the drawing back and spooking of elk when they come in, I would like as much information in crossbow equipment that has been sucsessfull for other XBow hunters , things like The weight of your bolts as well as what brands,broadhead brands and weights, what XBows are good enough to take down an elk etc... I am somewhat familiar with compounds and have been using a GoldenEagle talon flame wich has been a good bow since i got it . But would like to try a more simple method next year to eliminate the problem i run into every year during archery season wich is spooking the elk on the draw ..

Any help will be greatly appreciated...I dont want to rush into buying a XBow and find out next year my choices in bolts and broadheads were not good enough to take down an elk ..
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Don't want to rain on your parade, but your average xbow set up to hunt will probably be in excess of 10# vs the light weight compound you are used to.

You still will have to lift it in position at the shot, either fiddle w/ an attached rest [more movement] or hold it offhand. It will get heavier and heavier fast.

Guys that hunt game from tree stands have two/three choices. Hang it from a hook or if possible, rest the stirrup on the foot platform, and the 3rd, if ladder stand w/ handrail, prop it on that.

As for taking down an elk, I haven't. I did shoot a cow buff at about 20 yds, Excal Y-25 [200# model] Gold Tip LII w/ 100 gr Slick Trick Mag, total arrow weight 446 gr and got a passthru including cutting a rib in two on the off side. Est. live weight: 900-1000 lbs.

There was a record type moose taken in Canada w/ their 150# model, a Vixen some time back.

Finally, check your state for xbow restrictions such as c0cking aids and magnification type sights before you get into this real deep. Good Luck, hope you gig a gagger.
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