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Default Can you hunt crossbow in Texas?

I live in Tennessee, but have just started to go to Texas hunting with my father-in-law.


EDIT: I think this is the answer I seek..
"As a hunting device, the crossbow is as effective as archery equipment and is legal in Texas for game animals and non-migratory game birds during the general season. (They"ôre illegal for migratory game birds.) Archery can be a great choice for hunting feral hogs and other exotics that have no closed season. During the archery-only season for deer and turkey, however, a crossbow hunter must purchase an archery stamp and also carry a physician"ôs letter indicating that he or she has an upper limb impairment that would make it extremely difficult to draw a conventional bow."

General season...humm does that include gun seasonas well?
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Default RE: Can you hunt crossbow in Texas?

I hunt with a crossbow in Texas. For ferral hogs you can hunt with a crossbow all year long. Now deer on the otherhand you have to wait till gu n season unless you have an injury that would impare you of drawing a bow, then you could hunt during archery season. If you have any more quaestions feel free to ask!
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Default RE: Can you hunt crossbow in Texas?

If you don't qualify as disabled according to that reg you quoted, then you can use a crossbow for 11 months of the year. Onlyarchery season-the month of October, basically -is off limits.We don't have an actual 'gun' season, it's the general season instead.Rifle, pistol, shotgun,muzzleloader, crossbow or bow... whatever you want to use isokay.Hunt withwhat'cha brung.
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