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Default meat

How long is too long to keep boned out 1/4s in the fridge?
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When they start turning green, it's been too long.
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any more descriptive
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In Greece, people eat meat that is almost rotten. Many here like the meat processed as quickly as possible. Most people will say hanging times depend on animal and age. If you can control the tempurature and on avergae have a 3 year old doe... I would say 3-5 days.
I always let my nose be the guide. Smell the meat everyday. The slightest smell of anything but clean, fresh meat means you better get proccessing. Regardless of how long it has been hanging.
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I have hung deer in my cooler for 7-10days (client request) & I set my cooler to maintain a internal meat temp at 34-37 degrees. A normal fridge will be closer to 40 degrees I'd guess, so I'd say a week max. Like mentioned monitor it by smell, however don't open to much as you want the cool air in not out.

For the record I don't really believe in aging vension longer then the relax period(rigor: sugar to lactic and back to sugar), which is 24hr's.
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I have had it aged a week or fried in a pan 20 minutes after it was gutted and skinned. I helped a guy quarter one and got the two front legs and a back for helping. I aged the back leg for 4 days and fried some of the front the same day. I could not tell a differnce at all. Mine is going from the field to the freezer. Though i will be having mine done by a pro. My dad is weird about eating it and will only eat it if it goes to a good butcher.
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3-5 days in the fridge. Today I just finished up a spike I took on Tuesday.
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I agree 3-5 days and you should be perfectly fine.

When I was a teenager, I worked in a steak house, and we sold
"aged steaks". Of course these weren't old cows. It was meat that was turning.
I think they were aged agt least 10 days, maybe more.
I assure you, most diners, would have barfed if they could
see how the meat looked before we cooked them, or smelled the cooler.
They were delicious though.
The owner used to show me a steak, and have me smell it, to show me when it was just right.
Thats how he would tell.
To this day, I still prefer a nice dark purple/brownish color, with a faint soured-ish odor.

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