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Help with tree stand climbing

Old 09-04-2002, 08:16 PM
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Default Help with tree stand climbing

I have several fixed tree stands which I get up to by climbing branches and screw-in pegs. When I get on the stand I have a good safetly strap but haven't figured out a good way to protect myself when climbing up or down. It's especially precarious when I take that first step off the stand on to the steps. There are too many branches to slide a sling up/down the trunk as I climb.
Has anyone rigged a safety strap to use so I don't step on an icey footing and take the fast route down?!
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Old 09-04-2002, 08:56 PM
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

i also use fixed stands. i don't know of a strap tha tyou can climb with. everything you have said is pretty much the same as i hunt. except i don't use the limbs because they could break. i also only hunt no higher than 20 feet and also use a safty strap once in the tree.

jeff greene
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Old 09-05-2002, 06:32 AM
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

go to

look in the accesories section and they sale something that will work that is made by seat o the pants.

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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

i hunt in fixed tree stands also. i use a saftey harness. when climing down i do not use branches either( unless in a pine tree). i attach a longer rope to the front clamp of the climbing harness that is 6 feet shorter that the trip to the ground this will stop me if by chance i fall. soounds kinda stupid but i can tell you from experience it works well. when i get to the end of the rope i disconnect and let it hang there for the return trip up. then i wil stow for the hunt.

hunt on 25 days to go but whos counting
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

You more than likely already do this, but in my early bowhunting days when I was younger and less cautious I had the habit of stepping up into my stand from the last step. I have seen the light and now put an extra step (sometimes 2), level or higher than the platform, making it much easier and safer stepping on and off the stand.
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Old 09-05-2002, 07:27 AM
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

Yep, them safety straps are sure a hassle, very inconvenient....but then is a funeral...

I wear mine up and down...I have a quick clip that I use to connect to the tree or large enough limbs..Yes, it takes longer to climb the tree, but I want to get home in one piece....
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

I will admit that I normally don't wear a strap when climbing. I religously wear one while on stand though.

I have in the past, when sitting around the 20 foot mark and the tree I'm in isn't cooperating, used climbing gear to assist in safety. I placed safety straps at 5-6 foot intervals with carbines hooked to the same length straps. As I climb I just switch out the straps until I reach my destination!

Seemed like a lot of hastle and work but it made me feel better.
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Old 09-05-2002, 10:07 PM
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

See the following message I posted previosly:

I want to tell everybody on the forum about what I feel is the best system out there as far as safety is concerned. I saw this first in a video I got with a Gorilla treestand this year and also talked to an NBEF instructor who uses it. It uses a climbing rope and a knot called a "Prusik" knot.

You tie the rope arount the tree at a height above your stand and leave enough rope to hang to nearly the ground. You attach the prusik knot to the rope and then attach your harnes to the prusik knot using a carabiner. The knot can be easily slid up the rope ahead of you as you climb and slid down with you as you descend but will grip the rope under a load and will not slip. This system allows you to be connected to a safety line 100% from the time you leave the ground until the time you return.

Of course you need to use some other system on the initial climb before the rope is tied but this system is truly the easiest and safest I have seen. Anyone interested in learning details can simply visit any shop that specializes in climbing gear as this knot is fairly widely used by climbers.
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

Ive worked as a tree climber for many years, and Iam also a treestand hunter. I dont know the name of the safety strap I wear but it sale around $30. Its equipped with a safety belt for around your waist and a d-ring and adjustable safety harness with a clip. The safety harness goes around the tree and clips to the d-ring. Great for climbing and setting stands, but when your climbing a tree with many limbs you have to quickly remove the safety harness and place it above the limb to continue the climb. But the quick release clip works fast and convenient, also It makes setting stands much easier. I just lean back on the safety harness, and both hands are free for placing your stand. I bought this at Walmart and find it to be one of the best for treestand hunting.
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Default RE: Help with tree stand climbing

I have a harness that uses a rope for the part that you put around the tree. There is this different type of slip knot on this rope that you will hook the strap of the harness on. I can't remember the name of this particular knot but I think it came with my summitt stand. Anyway, tie a long rope to the tree above your stand and let it go the full length of the tree to the ground and you tie this spiecal knot to this rope and you hook you harness strap to it and you use this for climbing in and out of your stand it keeps you hooked up all the time. This knot works like a slip knot. I hope I didn't confuse you.

Robert Petty
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