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"I only hunt for the meat"?

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"I only hunt for the meat"?

Old 12-01-2004, 04:59 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

I guess I hunt for meat, but it's not quite all of it and it's not quite that simple.

I love being outdoors and spending time out in the woods. It's peaceful. I can clear my head of the things that worry me. I love the thrill of the hunt. Call it instinct, but my soul feeds on it. I love being able to say that I can put food on my family's table without some of the modern conveniences of today's society. I love the comraderie of the people I hunt with: my family, friends, and neighbors. I also love the memories I keep from my hunting trips. Each one has special meaning. I am also now currently getting to enjoy watching my daughter get to experience hunting for the first time. And knowing that she will be able to provide for herself and her family later on in life.
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Old 12-01-2004, 05:07 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

There are some great points made and great posts here.

However, based on my own personal experiences with most of the folks I know in MY area, "meat hunters" are just generally folks that can't hunt very well? Seriously, it seems to be a very good excuse for many folks to just drop the hammer on the first thing brown they see and then head home to brag about the deer they shot. We have also noticed that it is generally one with this "if it's brown, it's down" mentality that are just plain dangerous during the gun seasons around here! These are the folks that are generally involved in the rare hunting accidents that we hear about as well? They feel that they just have to get "their" deer. Like there are deer running around out there with their names on 'em and they just have to get their tag on one no matter what?

I have found that the vast majority of folks that call themselves "trophy hunters" are involved in the hunt, the experience, and overall love of whitetials that runs far deeper than most "meat hunters" could ever understand. I'm not saying that ALL meat hunters are like this but there are MANY! I do happen to know some great guys that will head to the woods every fall with the sole purpose of taking home some backstraps and that's exactly what they truly want to do, (just like some of the good guys in the posts above) BUT they are a rare breed. This is actually something I have heard talked about by many "trophy hunters" in this region. Overall, I just think the trophy hunter is a much more serious and intense sportsman! You see the same thing in fishing all the time. You've got the wanker on the bank with a stringer of bass and then you have the serious "sportsman" floating on the water in his bass rig releasing his fish!
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Old 12-01-2004, 05:18 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

What would make a person sit down and write a 1000 word essay on why he hunts. Who gives a crap! I hunt because I love it and I don,t care why you do. There sweet and simple.
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Old 12-01-2004, 05:49 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

I've had this same arguement with others before. I often come the same conclusion as you do. They say they hunt for the meat in order to justify it to themselves or others. I agree usually it's a bunch of a crap when there is an aldi's right down the road, or a local butcher somewhere that you can buy meat in bulk. I normally end up spending more to hunt than it would cost to get that much meat locally. And when you figure time into it there is no comparison. I have seen guys end marriages over hunting, that just makes no sense to me.

When you boil it down, basically most hunt because it is a legal way to kill things. It sounds crude and brash, but it is the truth usually. There are few animals that hunt for the sheer sport of it, humans, cats and a few others. Most animals only kill when they have to though, for food or protection. I think cats are worse than humans, have you ever watched one, they are pretty mean and sadistic actually. The problem is with most house cats they are born hunters, they have all the instincts but don't really know what to do with them. We are sort of the same way, a lot of it is instinct and it feels natural for us. It is hard to deny that in some cases.

Not that hunting doesn't have its place in the modern world. I hunt because it still needs to be done. And because I enjoy it and it is legal. I don't feel a need to justify it farther than to people. If they don't want to do it, they don't have to. However I feel we need to hunt for population control. Our species is growing at an alarming rate and we consume much more land and resources than we actually need. This leaves no room for other species. Deer and other animals are not as intelligent as we are, they don't know they don't have enough room or habbitat not to reproduce. That is there only function in life, reproduce, so they do it. If there is not enough habitat to support them they will get weak, sick and die off. And possibly spread desease in the process. Or become pests and damage property and crops. Not to mention the amount deer/vehicle collisions we have. We either need to keep our species in check, or thiers. Since we don't have a poplulation control program for ourselves, I guess it's them isn't it.

If the state didn't want you to harvest deer they wouldn't issue the tags, it's that simple. There is a need for it, so we are allowed to do it. It is not our right, it is a privilage. Not to mention the government makes money from it as well. This is why I feel no matter what the anti's do, there will always be hunting in some form or another. As long as there is a need for it and it brings the government revenue it will be here.

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Old 12-01-2004, 06:15 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

When I rifle hunt I am mostly a meat hunter. I'll definately shoot a nice buck if I get a chance but the rifle season to me is a chance to get a few deer to eat for the year. I just got into processing my own deer and for me it almost as fun processing the deer as it was shooting it.

Bowhunting is a different story. Bowhunting I do more for the challenge of the hunt and pleasure of getting out in the woods.
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Old 12-01-2004, 07:20 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

I hunt because I love the outdoor experience and the bounty it brings to my table. I hunt deer with bow and gun and enjoy it very much. I've taken 2 does and a 6 point buck with my bow and another 6 point with my 270 this year and I've passed on a couple bucks and smaller does already. I'm looking to take a couple more does and possibly another buck with my muzzleloader. I also butcher all my deer. The places I hunt don't hold what some people might consider a trophy and if I were a trophy hunter my freezer would probably be empty and that would be a shame. I like eating venison too well to concentrate all my efforts into hunting only bucks with big antlers. Do trophy hunters only harvest bucks? Is there a way to score a doe to determine it's trophy status? There's something magical about big antlers and all deer hunters most likely dream of getting that P&Y or B&C buck but if I never get one my ego won't suffer one bit. Life is too short to get hung up on antler size. Just hunt and enjoy the season and if ya get that big buck then more power to ya and if he don't come along take whatever you get and be proud of that too but more than anything enjoy yourself and be thankful you had the health and oppurtunity and don't be judgemental of others. We're all deer hunters whether we use guns or bows, hunt bucks or does.....Happy Huntin
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Old 12-01-2004, 08:55 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

We were not expecting our 2nd deer to be done until February, but they called tonight, draining that last $200 I had set back for Christmas...
Where do you go that charges $200 to butcher a deer?

I pay $50 for a professional butcher job locally.
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

That's the best I ever heard anyone put it. I agree.
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Old 12-01-2004, 09:16 PM
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

well, i am a trophy hunter as in i dont shoot small bucks, because for one i want a deer with a big rack and also, i get a better feeling in killing a more mature deer. Also, i shoot does to, but not ones that arent at least 2 1/2 years old. I hunt for me, and to impress no one else
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Default RE: "I only hunt for the meat"?

I think its safe to say that anyone in their right mind would rather shoot a wall-hanger than a little spike or button buck. But I think the guys who will only shoot big bucks are hurting deer hunting as a whole. That's one of the problems right now, people aren't shooting enough does. I love venison and so does my family and its a tradition to have venison steaks and burgers and I want when I have kids some day to have the same traditions. Maybe I wait and wait and wiat for a nice buck and it never comes and I just say there passing on does and smaller inferior bucks and wasting tags. It's our responsibilty for the deer herd to kill the inferior bucks before they can mate and spread that inferiority. And if nothing else for the farmers who provide the food source that takes a beating every year from all the does and little bucks your passing up on.
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Quick Reply: "I only hunt for the meat"?

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