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I feel dirty

Old 11-29-2004, 03:09 PM
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Default I feel dirty

This season I have pretty much been a bow only hunter with the exception of two days. I hunted opening day as well as Thanksgiving day with my father more out of tradition then for any other reason (he got me started in the sport but I prefer to hunt with my bow as for me the challenage is greater and I find it much more rewarding.)

Well, long story short I bagged a decient 8 pointer Thanksgiving morning and I've been feeling pretty bad about it. It just to me seems too easy with a gun. I turn to you guys because I am anticipating a dilema next fall. I love to hunt with my father but I do not have any desire to hunt with a firearm any longer.
Sunday I did some stalking in the snow with my bow. This to me seems pointless. I jumped a nice buck but only had time to nock an arrow, There was no shot opportunity. Maybe I just need more practice at still hunting with my bow.

So I ask, what should I do?
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Old 11-29-2004, 03:12 PM
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Default RE: I feel dirty

Go along with your father with your bow in tow instead of the firearm

I don't hunt with a gun at all but still go out for firearms with my family and select friends.
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Old 11-29-2004, 03:20 PM
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Default RE: I feel dirty

I stopped gun hunting my self yrs ago. But i did take my nine yr old sun this yr. and he bagged a doe opening day of gun season. But thats it for me as far as gun hunting. I love the challenge of bowhunting. The thrill of hunting with a gun is just not there any more for me. It just is not the same felling.( IMO) I would go with what i love the most. Your chances of taking a deer will be greater with a gun. But the thrill and pride of taking one with a bow? Well as you no just can`t be beat(IMO).
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Default RE: I feel dirty

hmm i would just go and sit with him if possible maybe thats what he is looking for someone just to chit chat with
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Default RE: I feel dirty

Well i dont care for rifle hunting and shooting an animal a few hundred yards away that couldnt smell you if you where wearing amonia colonge. I love to bowhunt very much, and i too like you, get out with the ol uncle as a family traditon and kick the brush up for a doe, becuase i am usually tagged out the 2nd week of november with my buck.
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Default RE: I feel dirty

In the past, I've actually limited my shots to animals within bow range, and "drew" my slug gun, so I had to pick my shots carefully to avoid the animal picking me off.
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Default RE: I feel dirty

I know what you mean. I don't get the thrill of killing a deer with my shotgun as much as I do with my bow. Plus bowhunting in my area is low key with alot fewer people in the woods. Makes it more enjoyable.
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Old 11-29-2004, 04:14 PM
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Default RE: I feel dirty

I gun hunt every year because it is family tradition. About 10 of my relatives get together, and the best thing about it from everyones viewpoint is the BSing and general being together. Well this was the last year for that, as we have lost our place to hunt. More than likely I wont gun hunt next year, but will miss it dearly because of the memories and traditions. You dont realize how much it means until it is gone. If I had the chance to hunt with my father in any form, I would do it until he quit himself and make as many memories as you can.
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Default RE: I feel dirty

Hunt with a pistol. THat is what I am trying this year. I am also on the low end of power with a 357 mag, so my shots are even more limited. Still makes you have to use skill and patience, but also geta nice BANG when you pull the trigger.
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Default RE: I feel dirty


Would it matter to your Dad if you took the bow? If he really enjoys you going hunting with him with your gun, take your gun. Make him happy that day or two. And if you get a shot, then miss. Those days are precious and are taken for granted. Make him happy. JMHO
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