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Old 11-11-2004, 08:24 AM   #1
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Default Using a deer decoy during the rut...

Is there many of you guys out there that use decoys during the rut?..If so what is best to use a doe decoy or a buck? I got one of the carry lite decoys and thinking on giving it a try this weekend....any tips or tricks to using them would be great...thanks in advance
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

I was just about to post that same question. I saw multiple bucks the past morning that were freshening scrapes and rubbing trees and reacting to my rattle bag but I never saw a doe so I don't know how they are reacting to that. Based off the reaction to the rattle bag I thought a buck decoy... but on the other hand I would think their main goal is to find the does so I'm not sure which to use. I would think the doe is the "safest" bet as far as not scaring deer off but I'd like to hear from other peope who have used decoy as I have no experience with decoys.
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

I would think a doe.Thats what I did last year.It worked ,attracked another hunter.He tried sneaking up on it.then he realized what it was and looked around to see if anyone watching and slipped off in the woods
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

The buck decoy has done well for me. Use a dominant buck urine or tarsal gland, but take care to know that you are the only one hunting the area as another gun hunter that thinks it is a deer could start taking pot shots in your gerneral direction. Both decoys work well, but the way a buck approaches a buck decoy is much more entertaining. I like to watch them posture and grunt as they approach. Good luck to ya!
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

I have a buck decoy and two doe decoys, when i have had the buck decoy out it seems to spook the does. but when i had both does out i have gotten a 4 point and an 8 come to them and the other does are not spooked.
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Old 11-11-2004, 11:33 AM   #6
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

No real world experience on this one, but from what I've read, a buck decoy may work the best during the rut to lure in a mature buck. The big boys are very interested in not only the does, but in defending their turf. Again, just what I've read.

Another question about decoys: Anyone ever use your 3-D target? De-scent it, spray some dominant buck urine on him, and you have a decoy... at least I would think you do.
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

I used my Delta Riverbottom Buck as a decoy this last weekend. Took the horns off to use it as a doe. Had a decent sized buck come within about 25 yards of it and stop and stare, but he never got any closer to it; just turned and walked around, then left. Also had a small buck come right up to it and check it out, but it was before shooting hours [:@].

That night, I had it up again and it spooked two does just after sundown. They were walking along a wide alley and when they saw it, they stopped and stared at it awhile, then took off running the other way. They came back within 5 minutes and did the same thing again.
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

If your hunting for a buck then use the doe version decoy,because that's what the buck's are looking for. Be sure to spray it down well with scent away or another product like it, and after you have it set up put some doe in estrus or in heat on her or near her, and you'll be surprised at just how well this setup will work .

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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

To Decoy Or Not Too
Tell you what,if their is no decoy the deer won't come right? If their is something that looks like a babe ,he'll come ,common sense says yes. I've tried decoys now for 4 years and have had failers and have scored good. One thing for sure make sure you have the but of the decoy facing your position so that when the buck comes in downwind you'll be behind him and out of view. This enables you an undetected shot most of the time. The buck will always come to the butt 1st to test for estrus,so have the but closes to you. Good luck and God Bless
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Default RE: Using a deer decoy during the rut...

I've had 6 outing with my decoy in two years. 2 times I saw nothing. The other 4 days are probablly some of the most memorable days I've had bowhunting. I'm using a Flambeau Redi-Doe (very realistic coloring for the rut). I put it out where it can be easily seen about 15 to 18 yards in front of me. I position it looking away from me. The deer have always approached it from behind or quartering up from behind. I put doe in heat scent on the tail and a felt wick under the tail.

I think I've had 28 deer see the decoy. All came into shot range! Many first saw the decoy from 60 yards away and trotted right in. Adult does are the most causious. Every buck (about 8 of the 28) came with in 3 yards of the decoy and most touched it while smelling the tail.

One thing is amazing, when deer see a decoy and are approaching, you could have hot pink camo, smoke a cigar and do jumping jacks in your stand! Its amazing, they focus on the decoy and drop some of their defenses.

All the deer that have approached my decoy have stayed in shot range for at least 3 minutes and some have stayed for an hour and a half.

Remember I've only hunted with it 6 times. The two fabulous days were;

1 - last year when I had a 14 pointer walk right up behind it, check it out for 5 minutes before absolutley crushing it, flinging it 20 feet with its horns and then walking away.

2 - this year a week ago, I had several groups of does show up and get into shot range and leave. Then a buck and doe see it from 40 yards and immedaitly the buck puts its nose down low and trots right up behind the decoy. It smelled it for 30 seconds and then MOUNTED MY DECOY. I could't beleive it! I quickly grabbed my video recorded and got that buck mounting the decoy 3 more times before the decoy fell over, and the buck just walked away!


Yeah.......I hunt with decoys!
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