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Default PSE

Why does it seem that no one in this forum likes or believes PSE quality has gone down.

Just curious I don't currently own one due to what everyone says about them.
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Old 02-28-2002, 01:38 PM
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Default RE: PSE

I have been shooting a PSE for 9 years now, and I will continue to shoot one until they quit producing them. I like the fact PSE is a stable company, they have been making quality products for a long time. Every PSE I have ever owned felt very nice, and the customer service is as said earlier, "great".

Check out PSE seriously before you buy the new "in voque" bow, you wont be sorry.
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Default RE: PSE

pse is great. There products are top notch. Why do they have to come up with something new. If they have products that work don't try to fix them!!
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Default RE: PSE

Viper, Just curious, what is it that "everyone says about them"?

I personaly will not own anything else, due to their customer service. I have a couple of friends that also shoot PSE and love them.
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Default RE: PSE

Just traded my Mathews FX for a PSE Durango. I had a pse infinity 500 about 7 years ago and didn't care for it but the durango is a different story
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Default RE: PSE

PSE has moved more into the market of affordable bows in the last couple of years along the lines of Bear and Jennings (but way better quality)I think it is because there are so many $800 bows out there that many manufacturers are going after the high end market leaving this area open so they are taking advantage of the $300 to $400 arena which is were most people are. I shoot a PSE Infinity LD300 and that was a $700 bow 8 years ago I think PSE as about as good as it gets in quality and service maby not as fast. They still make some awsome high end stuff too.
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Default RE: PSE


I have a PSE Mach 8 and Mach 10.
I would put their quality up there with virtually any bow.
I consider my Mach 10 one of the finest hunting bows around.
I also consider it better looking than anything Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech or most anyone else has to offer.
Yes, it's better looking than my Bowman too, lol.
I always thought the PSE Mach series bows were something special.
Their riser design and full capture limb pockets are near the top in quality.
PSE's limbs with the axle inserted into the bracket attached to the limb, instead of directly drilling the limb for the axle, is a great idea.
For many years PSE was considered the top bow in most people's mind.
Since they cut their Pro-staff, they went down hill. Same with Bear/Jennings.
If Mathews ever cuts their Pro-staff, their bows will begin a downward spiral also. Just wait and see.
Nothing against Mathews, that's just the way it is.
I heard, some shops sell the Mach 10 for around $700.00 to $750.00
Anyone thinking of buying any bow that approaches this price should compare it to the Mach 10.
You may just change your mind about your bow of choice and get the Mach. Seriously!

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Default RE: PSE

I have been shooting PSE from the start of my hunting career.(bout 7 years). I might try a different brand next time just cause I want to try something new. But PSE is a great company.IMO
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Default RE: PSE

I am not real Brand loyal by any means. 10 years ago PSE was leading the industry in inovations, then High country started the "hatchet" cam craze, and then Mathews began the single cam revolution. I shoot what bow suits my needs best, percived or real. If PSE made the bow I was looking for I would buy it.

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Default RE: PSE

I have a PSE and I love it. It's a 5 years old, but it stills bring down deer.

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