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movement in tree stands

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movement in tree stands

Old 11-21-2020, 03:13 PM
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Most of the advice given to you was good. Those of us with a lot of experience with deer know that if you move when a deer is within bow range when you see a deer's eye and its head is up it will see you moving. If the head is down feeding you can get away with a bit more but not much. Its best to wait until the deer looks away or gets its head behind a tree.
If a deer looks up at you - freeze. I try not even to make eye contact. If you move the jig is up and the next thing you're likely to see is a tail.
If the deer is staring at you, bobbing its head up and down, left and right its trying to figure you out. If it picks up its leg and slams its hoof on the ground its doing 2 things. 1, trying to get you to move and 2, alerting any other deer in close proximity that it sees something but not quite sure what. If it snorts at you that is a definite warning that your aren't supposed to be there. This us usually followed by a rapid retreat or a stiff legged walking away stomping its feet with every step. Your choice here but be forewarned this deer is on full alert and will jump your string. Best thing is to wait it out and see if it calms down.
If the deer wags its tail to the side you're just about "out of the woods". That's a sign that it is calming down and you don't pose a threat. The deer will start to go about its business and just might give you a good shot if you follow the above advice.
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Old 11-25-2020, 08:26 AM
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There's a few other things I've started doing, some maybe just luck/coincidence, take all with a grain of salt:

- In a stand bowhunting I MUCH prefer to shoot standing, so I slowly stand as soon as I can, even with the deer way out there.
- Move while they are moving, my theory is when they are moving it's harder to pick up other movement.
- Like Bronco said, if they are looking at you FREEZE, the "head bob" think is them trying to figure you out, depth perception isn't a strength for them and the head movement helps.
- I try to not make eye contact, something about predator/prey relationship. I will usually divert my eyes to the side, or stare at the ground under them, but don't lock eyes. That seems to trigger a run off.
- I've also started not moving after they look away. I swear once they think you are there, they try to trick you, they will start to feed and snap their head up, start to look away and snap the head back, I swear they are trying to trick me. Once they see me, I don't move until they are either walking or I can't see the eyes at all.
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Old 11-25-2020, 08:36 AM
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They definitely know about eye contact. I never make eye contact anymore. Never look directly at them.

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