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spooking deer

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Default spooking deer

when I was walking to my treestand today I made more noise than usual. I had to put up new climbing sticks, the leaves and twigs underfoot were very crunchy, and I dropped something from my stand.

In all honesty how much more would this spook the deer for an afternoon hunt than your standard walking and climbing a treestand. it was a wooded area we were in.
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little to none, unless deer were close enough to be effected by it
deer live in the woods 24/7/365, they know things move about and make noise, the difference uis, however, if they can also add other things to the sounds, as the sounds alone DON"T scare deer
its when you add in human scent to the mix, or are at a stand they KNOW Is there and have associated that area with human activity, that it is more concerning.
and this always also comes down to where your hunting, how accustomed deer are to humans
in more remote places where humans are far and few, deer IMO react differently, that say deer that live near humans and have contact often, , deer in these places many times don't get as unraveled buy sounds, scents and even SEEING humans, as deer that don;'t have this contact on a regular basis!

SO< just cause you made extra noise on extra crunchy l;eaves and such, doesn't mean you scared deer or anything else that wasn't in EYE sight of you
sounds alone, just let them know SOMETHING Is moving in an area
from there they use there other senses to decide if they will move on else where or continue as they always do or want to!
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It's almost irrelevant unless the deer is close enough to it.
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