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Deer Bowhunting

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Default Deer Bowhunting

My friend shot a small Doe at about 20 yards with a compound bow. It was a passthrough shot that he thought was the lungs. The thing was when the deer was hit it didn't run away as fast as possible. It sort of jogged away at medium speed. We also found very little blood.

Could he have hit something near the lungs? and any idea of how far it could have gone?
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all deer react differently to being shot, and you can pass an arrow thru a deer in MANY places
the higher the hit, many times the less blood that comes out until the body cavity fills to where the holes are in it!
best advice is,. mark where it was standing, and then where last seen, and start doing circles out from last place seen and keep going
if it was hit in the lungs, it shouldn't; go more than 200-400 yards, hit something less vital and they can run FAR 1+ miles before dying, hit a NONE vital and they can either live for days or go miles and then die

a responsible hunter makes ALL efforts to find and recover a deer they shot, this means putting lots of time in looking and even bringing in help

another option, possibly, is try and find someone that has a DEER tracking dog near you, many will come and help you find it for FREE< in order to get there dog experience, some charge a fee, but a dog can find things we humans cannot, and make recovering a deer a LOT easier on a less than perfect hit!
just keep trying to find it, if hit good it can be found!
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Shot from ground or treestand? If ground, takes awhile for cavity to fill up enough to leave a trail. And not uncommon for a lung shot deer to not react that much, especially if it slices right thru without hitting a rib. I've had does jump step and look around like "what happened?" then tip over within a few seconds.
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