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Illegal Droptine Buck

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Illegal Droptine Buck

Old 11-06-2003, 10:07 AM
Boone & Crockett
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Default Illegal Droptine Buck

Yep I seen one this morning. Sat down at 5:00am very fogging and warm. About seeing time I see a shadow in the fog. It moves on by to far and to foggy to see right. At 9 Am I get up and was carving a notch in the tree in front of me. I put a notch in the tree for everyday I hunt the spot. I looked up and here comes a deer throught the thicket my way. Oh no quick sit down grab x-bow ,get ready. Oh my look at the size of that body!! Swayed back,pot belly,stiff legged gray faced old buck. He walks right past me at 5 yards .I sit on the ground,so what a rush.I could feel his breath on me almost. Had to let it walk. It had a broken up rack and did not meet the Pa point restrictions. the left side was broke off at the base and the left side had no browtine but about 5 inches up the main beam had a huge droptine and right ubove it the main beam was broke off. I would say a 5 0r 6 year old buck on the 200 lb range. Oh well,I sure would like to see the deer that broke that rack,he must be a elephant.The bases were well over 4 inches. Life goes on and so does my weird year
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:21 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

Now there' s a deer that needs to be shot. It would be nice to get him with all his headgear intact.... but he might never make it to next fall. Although, if he' s healthy enough to be fighting and weighing 200 pounds he' s probably in good condition. The rut might beat him up, but not much with no headgear.[:' (]
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:25 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

That sounds just like a buck I saw on the Outdoor Channel last night! They guessed he weighed 300 pds! His left antler was totally gone and his right was missing some points too.

Funny thing is he let it walk too.
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:25 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

Wow car...If everyone plays by the rules this fall then he should still be out there for next year. Good story. No matter how many times you have a close encounter isn' t it still a rush? Good luck the rest of the way this season. Only a week left for bow. I basically haven' t seen much. Take care.
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:25 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

The ' yotes would have had a hard time cleaning that carcass![&:]
The hunting is gonna get good the next week or so here in PA. I expect to see a pic and story from you soon!
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:27 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

That' s enough to get the knee' s knocking... I had a decent buck under my stand for about 15 minute' s last year, but I was hunting a doe only park in town. Fun to watch even harder to watch them walk away at 10 yards.
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:31 AM
Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

Man CD that is a bummer!
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Old 11-06-2003, 10:38 AM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

Since he was walking around at that time (given his size and apparent age), the rut will really be kicking into high gear with the arrival of the cooler weather headed this way. If everyone else follows the law like you did, he might be even bigger next year. In the meantime, I feel like you' ll be posting your success stories on here any day now.
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Old 11-06-2003, 12:28 PM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

That had to get the heart going. Seeing a buck like that at 5 yards. My knees would be shaking.
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Old 11-06-2003, 12:47 PM
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Default RE: Illegal Droptine Buck

CD. If the point restrictions were the only thing stopping you from shooting the deer, I would have dropped it. The way I look at it, the only reason the point restrictions are in place is so that we hunters don' t shoot young deer. Alt wants to see more older deer, so he will not let us shoot the young ones. You may have had a hard time explaining this one to the PGC, but if they are half intelligent, they would have let you pass. Most of us can tell the difference between a 1.5 year old and a 5.5 year old.
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