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bears vision

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Default bears vision

Can Black Bears see hunter orange. If Im in a tree stand in orange will a bear see me like that or can they not see color well.
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I don't think a bear cares what color you wear or not
I have bears in my yard ALL the time(some times they sleep in it for hours)
a bear has a LOT better vision than most folks THINK they do, they just don't care about many things that will spook other things, as they tend to know there the top of the food chain! so they don't run ans scatter from things other animals will

even will say, movements will not be as alarming to a bear as other animals AT CERTAIN TIMES
there still wild animals, and live by avoiding things
but when you deal with bears, its there noses that are there number one tool in avoiding humans, not color or movement or even sound IMO

there sense of smell is better than a deer's by a BUNCH and that means they will most time know your there long before you even knew a bear was near you!

when you hunt over bait, the desire for a easy meals tends to over power there noses
the risks and rewards to many are higher and they will risk easy calories over maybe smelling a human near by
the older the smarter the bear, the less they will risk
younger and dumber one's?? well
so, IMO< NO I woudn;t worry about color your wearing when up in a tree
movement, sounds and smell, will be your larger things to worry about!

I will add this too, as I have heard so many remarks about so many so scared of bears claiming there out to EAT us poor humans

but if a bear see's something UP a tree and they cannot ID they will MANY times climb the tree to get a better view, smell/look at IT
they 99% of the time ain;t coming up to EAT you
there super curious animals by nature!
I have had at least 30 encounters with bears climbing up[a tree to smell me closer in the past 30+ yrs deer hunting in treestands!
not a one has ted to eat me!
so head's up, that this can happen when in heavy bear number area';s!

NOW if there clicking there teeth at you before and while they climb, and huffing at you, and this is a totally different case!

you got problems !
but if there just climbing looking curious, odd are they ain't looking at you as food or threat, just curious as to what you are

bear spray would something to carry IMO< if your hunting over bait for sure! and know how to use it!
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A good friend of mine, who was a serious bear hunter, would run a load of bait in to a stand, then would take his sweaty t-shirt off and put it up in the stand. They'd get used to his scent. He had a bear climb up his stand tree to check him out then climb back down and proceed to chow down on the bait. Point being, sometimes they know you're there and they don't care. They're bears! I have shot 2 bears in Ontario where it's mandatory to wear blaze orange, one from a tree at 20 yd. and one from the ground at 40 yd. neither one paid much attention to me. The one from the ground saw me turn the page of the book I was reading. After giving me a serious look-over, he went back to eating. Tactical error on his part.

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