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Calling bears

Old 02-06-2019, 08:53 AM
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Default Calling bears

Where black bear baiting is not allowed, (in this case western MA) would calling be a good way to attract a bear. would it be better to do a basic predator call like for a coyote or a bear sound. how effective has calling been for bears. would a decoy be effective.
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Old 02-06-2019, 10:23 AM
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IMO calling bears is a VERY VERY VERY low odds deal
in any place MINUS maybe some place a bear is VERY hungry, or a more remote place where they seldom see people!
I doubt it would do you much good in MA
UNLESS maybe you see one out of range and then TRY and see if you can get its attention and or interest

but calling blind, I think would be a very low odds deal
the very best way to hunt bears in places where there is NO baiting allowed and its a more mix of rural area like
IMO would be doing drives!
organized drives are highly productive but not always possible

NEXT best way to hunt them is, finding the most active food source and stand hunting it, and or slowly stalking the area, bears do NOT go far from a food source if they can get there fill, eat and back off and lay down

but other wise, bears are mostly wandering animals with LARGE home ranges, in a constant search for food and can be a needle in , that many times comes down to DUMB LUCK as they can be like a needle hay stack to find one!

mast crops, and prime area's when things are ripe are good bests
as are standing crops, corn fields are HOT spots, due to a bear can lay down and eat its fill day after day!
but not everyone has access to them
MOST farmers KNOW when a bear is doing damage, and most are more open to let folks hunt them when there taking a $$$ loss due to them' so, time to be out asking farmers is NOW< in there down season, go ask, get to know some, even offer to help if you can.
a good relationship with them now can lead to some great advice later on and or prime hunting land to hunt for yrs to come!
DON"T wait till hunting season is in, , farmers tend to HATE lazy folks that wait till last minute to ask!
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If you spot a bear you may be able to pull him a bit closer with a call but he may very well ignore it...he also might just take off. If you plan on going into the woods, blowing a call and seeing a bear show up looking for a meal you're in for a LONG wait. I've called in some of the highest BB density areas in north america and never had one come in. I've also tried calling one back after being busted on a stalk and he couldn't care less about anything other than getting the hell out of there, Are you planning to hunt spring or fall? Best bet is find the food sources/travel corridors and hunt those.
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Old 02-09-2019, 11:42 AM
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I've heard that a fawn distress call might be helpful in luring in a black shaggy --- But you have to remember --- that if you use one...he (black bear or mountain lion) might be hunting you.

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