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train tracks


Old 01-13-2019, 09:20 AM
Nontypical Buck
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I too grew up using railroad tracks for all sorts of things as I did just wandering about NON posted property
BUT the facts are, times have changed
and basically in MOST places, if you do NOT own the land and ot have permission to use the land and its NOT PUBLIC access land, your trespassing

railroad company's all over pa patrol like mad to keep atv's and UTV's and Motorcycles off it, due to damages they do to the land(erosion, dumping trash, and the ever crazy law suits folks try suing land owners when they trespass and fall and get hurt(or crash) )
just because ONCE used to do things, and didn;t get in trouble, doesn't make things RIGHT or that they are even legal in today's world/
I personally hate the fact SO many folks trespass at will, thinking NO one cares or its NO big deal or what ever there excuse it
its NOT a land owners JOB to post there land in MOST places, its a curtsy they do, to TRY and prevent more hassle than needed
it IMO SHOULD be a simple law stating that ADULTS should be responsible to KNOW where there at and KNOW if they HAVE permission to be where there at or NOT
its so sad so many folks feel the need to be TAUGHT someone thing by others, or need a sigh to tell them there NOT on land they DON"T own or have permission to be on.
People today HATE having LAW makers TELL Them what they can do or not
YET unless there is a STRONG law written, folks WON"T seem to take responsibility for there own actions and will play DUMB,s I DIDN"T KNOW?what ever!

come on your either a grown up or not>

I don't walk into your house and watch your tv or use your lawn furniture at MY WILL< just cause its there and open
NOPE< and don;t need a sigh saying NO TRESPASSING either
its logical, I DON"T own it, DON"T have legal permission to be there or use it, so I STAY out.
I don;t get why RAW land is viewed so differently by so many, it still the same deal
you either OWN it, or KNOW you have permission to be on it or you DON"T
there are very few free rides in life! and what USED to be, ISN"T THE SAME NO MORE!
law suits and slobs ruined far too many things for the masses . IMO!
Please DON"T be one of these folks
I managed and own private lands and I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have to chase people off it, and or to get trespassers to argue with me and get all hot and bothered , when there told there trespassing! not to mention just HOW much time is wasted on BOTH sides of the people involved!
trespassing is one of my most annoying things I deal with over the yrs being a land owner!
could not tell you how many times I ALMOST wish I could just shoot em LOL, I think it would send a much stronger message and help prevent more from repeating and wasting my time some yrs.
and I CATCH about 50+ people a yr, NOT just in hunting season either!
it is sad folks cannot ask first!
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I would call the local game warden and try to find out before hand.
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