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How to remove a tick the right way!

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How to remove a tick the right way!

Old 06-16-2015, 01:37 PM
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Default How to remove a tick the right way!

I recently saw a report that there are more kids brought to ER for cigarette burns trying to get the ticks off than there are for problems with a tick bite.
Two of the guys went into the woods to get a better look at an Eagles nest and came out with 17 Wood ticks and a Deer Tick, most not attached but I thought I would video this one on my Brother In Law. lol
If they have been there a while they will cement themselve to you so pry up from the back end. They will also poop all over which is a good sign you have one in your hair if you see pepper on your fingers.
If you heat them they spit their toxin into you and cause more chance of infection.
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Old 06-16-2015, 01:44 PM
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I do not like to use a tweezers because if you squeeze the body with the tweezers you can make them force digestive juices into you, especially when they have already started to swell up, and that can make you get sick. They make tick removers and tick release agents that are safer than using a tweezers. Using a cigarette to heat them to make them back out s just plain stupid.
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Old 06-16-2015, 02:03 PM
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I've always just took a sharp needle and pried them out if they are attached. Just poke right where they are attached and lever it out. Hurts a little but I've always found that the easiest way. If in the scalp or somewhere else that I can't get a visual, then the wife gets to have some fun poking the needle. Dang woman tends to dig a little deeper than needed in my opinion. Smiles a little too much too!
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Old 06-16-2015, 04:31 PM
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I've got a little white plastic spoon that has a V cut into the tip of it. You slip the V under the back of the tick and then just keep forcing it up toward the head and they finally release their grip and fall into the spoon! It's really slick and that way you aren't forcing them to release any liquids into you like they can using tweezers. I actually got it in a kit for getting them off dogs.
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Old 06-21-2015, 05:05 AM
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I use a tick key. Its a flat metal "key" with a tear drop shaped opening. You put the key over the tick through the wide end of the opening, butt side towards the pointy end of the opening. You move the key towards the tick's head until the whole tick is on the key and the head is wedged in the pointy end of the opening and then just lift it out. It works great. It's kind of the same principal as the spoon described above.
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