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Nice Buck

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Default Nice Buck

[8D] This was not a Trophy Buck but I have been Archery Hunting for about 30 years. I believe any Deer or any Animal for that matter that is taken with a Bow is a Trophy. It is hard work and rewarding.
Monday morning I headed out into the woods. I stop frequently and move very slow, listening to every sound. There was thick bruch ahead and I wondered if a Buck could be lerching inside. I moved slowly and looked intently. I could hear movement but could see nothing. As I entered the area I saw a Deer jump up and move out. I went closer and the ground was worm where it bedded down. I layed on the ground and peered through the brush. After abouot 10 minutes I coud see the legs then the chest of a Deer returning in my direction. The Deer lowered its head and peered into the small opening. A nice 4x4 or 8 point Buck. I drew my bow back, still lying down and waited. It looked like a clear, nice chest shot. As I released the Arrow the Buck droped its head and spun around. I could hear the brush rustleing then the noise stoped. I waited about 20 minutes the walked towards the area I had seen the Buck in. There was no blood, so I headed on over where I heard all the noise. There he was lying on the ground out ahead of me. When I reached the kill I could not believe what happened. The Arrow pierced the Bucks head square between the eyes. Wow what a beautifull Animal it was and an unbelievable shot. I would never have guessed that an arrow would pierce the skull of a Deer. When I released he must have droped his head and took his final look in my direction.
I shoot a Martin Magnum Jaguare with a 2113 Alluminum Arrow using a 100 grain Pro series Thunderhead 3-blade broadhead.
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Let me start this off in the right direction

Congrats on a fine stalk, and your trophy - getting them from the ground is tough -good job

You have any pictures??
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Congrates any kill is a trophy. Especially with a bow and your first.
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Bauer, Good job bro! That’s awesome! Now the next time you have a deer in range and you plan on taking a shot, just wait till he turns to a more broad side angle. What your looking for is a double lung hit. If you don' t have that, don' t shoot. I' m telling you this as if you didn' t know, hope I' m not insulting your intelligence. Again, Congrats!
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Default RE: Nice Buck

So how do you draw and shoot a bow while laying on the ground?
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Default RE: Nice Buck

hey, come you don' t tell these kinda stories in the chat....i could listen to those for ever...well...till my season gets here anyway!....ttyl bud....and nice shot...i didn' t know an arrow would go through the skull either...guess u learn somethin everyday....c ya!
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Congrats on what sounds like a tough situation. Great that you got him
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Default RE: Nice Buck

It looked like a clear, nice chest shot.
Unsure shot?

I waited about 20 minutes the walked towards the area I had seen the Buck in. There was no blood, so I headed on over where I heard all the noise.
Read, " Recover, what to do after the shot" the top of the bowhunting forum.

I' m glad you it was a quick kill. Congrat' s to you.
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Congratulations on a successful hunt, the trophy is in the eye of the beholder.
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Default RE: Nice Buck

Thanks Guys: To answer Wimp' s question I participated in many indoor and outdoor compitition shoots. On quite a few of them some of the shots required you to lay on your back and draw and shoot at a Target that was under some brush. It is a lot of just plain fun shooting we did with each other coming up with new ideas.
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