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New to Hunting

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Default New to Hunting

and I mean I'm really new. 35 and never really been hunting before. My starting point right now is registering for a hunters safety course. But then what's the next step? Where do I go after that. I go fishing but I'm terrible at that. Never had anyone to teach me. I'm taking any advice. I want to bowhunt as well as do some firearms shooting. Where do I go that's safe? My wife frowns upon hunting so the budget is thin.

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Do you have any friends or relatives that hunt? In my opinion the best way to learn this is to learn it from someone, as well as picking up things on your own. You can learn all on your own, but having someone to guide you along the way is a big benefit. If you don't know anyone, then you're doing the right thing so far. Taking the hunter safety course and asking and READING on here and other hunting websites will be a big help. The safety course will help answer a lot of your questions and can teach you a lot of good things. You're asking a huge question right now. My suggestion is do the safety course and then start asking questions for the things that need filled in. Also, if you can, find someone to help you
best of luck! It's a great thing to be involved in
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Step #1 - Hunter safety course.

Step #2 - Find a friend who is a hunter.
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Or better yet once you get a bow or rifle or shotgun and finish the proper safety course just get involved in hunting or shooting clubs. Here in south dakota almost every town over 3000 people has an archery club that meets once a week and shoots 3D targets together. Or if you buy a rifle go to the closest rifle range and talk around and try to meet someone to take you under their wing. This sport we call hunting is such a natural rush that once you get it in your blood it is impossible to get rid of it. Best of luck to you
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You'll also want to get some maps and start reserching public land; or if you have your own land find out where the critters are. looks for scrapes, poo, game trails. Most local outfitters have a lot of good general information on where to go. This is where the fun starts. Welcome to the brotherhood.
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There are also lots of good hunting books on specific game animals that you can buy and read. Extensive writings on the whitetail deer. This is the gold standard of hunting.

You will also find some local publications on other game such as turkeys, pigs, mulies, elk, and blacktail deer, or whatever is common in your area.
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congrats on the decision to go hunting.
the steps should be:
#1hunter ed course, i live in colorado where it is mandatory for anyone born after 1949, but i wanted to take it anyways, lots of good info.
#2purchase a new bow/ rifle, learn where there is a rifle range/ archery range, do a google search near your town.
#3find someone, join a club, just go down to the range, there are alot of ppl at the range that can help you sight in your rifle/ bow.
#4start reconning your hunt area, get a topo map. there are alot of free ones on the net.
#5pratice your shooting
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Even before purchasing, I would take a look at what others are shooting.

You could go with a name sure, like Hoyt or Mathews. But better if you see for yourself.

Maybe try one out first.

A trusty friend who knows the lay of the land can get you up to speed really fast.
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