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Never had this happen before...


Old 10-29-2011, 07:25 PM
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Default Never had this happen before...

Wind changed up on me so I abandoned my stand mid-late afternoon. Hiked up to a better location given the wind direction. I was about 15 yards from the new stand and I spotted a buck upwind about 25 yards. Wind was really blowing at this point. I crouched and hung tight for ten minutes.

The buck edged closer...following a crop line. About 18 yards off he passed behind a bush. I was able to draw back on him and when he cleared the bush I let the shot rip. He spooked for a minute and jogged off about 5 yards. I really thought I tagged him good. I stayed low and watched him walk gingerly while he grazed a few times on the soybeans. A doe approached and they socialized for 30 seconds. The doe bounced off and the buck walked off very very slowly (and a bit woozily.) He entered the woods.

I was shocked. I didn't think I could have possibly missed this shot. I waited about 15 minutes and pressed quietly fwd looking for the arrow. I found the arrow immediately. It was covered in blood from tip to tail. A complete pass thru. There was hair lodged in the broadhead as well.

I went back and climbed into the stand for 45 minutes to think about what just happened. I decided my shot may have been further behind the shoulder than I thought. A gut shot I decided...which disappointed me. By now darkness settled in. I backed out of my stand and exited the area far from where I saw the buck enter the woods after the shot. I'll have to give this animal a full 6 hours to hopefully expire.

I'll be up early tomorrow morning with my pop tracking this deer. If I didn't see the arrow I'd say maybe the shot missed high due to the behavior exhibited by the animal immediately after the shot. I'm just taken back after seeing the evidence of the shot.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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I shot 2 does in the same night about a week ago, and when I shot the first one it did the exact same thing. Looked like she was fine, like the arrow didn't even phase her, but I saw her kind of walk and weave like she was drunk. So I shot another doe right after as all of the does were still there just smelling the blood I guess. So I wait about 30 minutes, and both of my arrows were drenched in blood. So I went to look for the first one, and she had walked 10 yards and fell behind the brush pile, and the other was about 25 yards away. They were my first deer ever taken with a bow, and was an exciting hunt, didn't expect to bring home two deer. Now I'm just waiting for the right buck! But good luck with your search, and let us know what happens.
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last year shot a buck at the break of light. i thought i hit him square in the lungs. i saw him move back walk about 15 yards, then another buck chased him off. the only thing that told me he was down was 5 min later i heard him kickin in the brush. got my arrow, dark blood. the buck only went 30 yards. when i gutted him it was a liver shot. hopefully you find him!
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Going through the samething today, I shot a big old doe last night and she turned as I released hitting her back more then I wanted. Marked bloodtrial to return to later today after church, glad it was a cold night and the day is going to be cool.
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Find it?post pics
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Gut shot deer usually only go about 100 yards or so before bedding. If not pushed after they bed that is where they will be most of the time. Although things are not certain until you lay your hand on the animal. I wish both of you luck in your recovery.
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Any news on the recovery? Hope yall both found your deer!!
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Well I spent the first hour combing over about an 2 acres surrounding the area of the woods I saw him enter last night. Nothing... No blood sign of struggle, expiration...nothing. My dad and son (8) ventured toward the back side of the lot while I continued to press the immediate area.

About 30 minutes later I get a call from my dad's cell phone. It's my son...he found the deer laid up under a holly tree...about 500 yards away! I was so please. The shot was just low of the heart and about two inches back so he just bled slow and most of the blood probably stayed contained in his body cavity. Field dressed him and went fishing!

The overnight was unseasonably cold so we were lucky there too.

I learned a lot because of this hunt. I also learned a ton reviewing posts from this board. So thankful I found the deer!

Thanks everybody!
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