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Newbie! Help!

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Smile Newbie! Help!

Every summer for the past few years, when I'm out of school and have the time, my hand itches towards the Outdoor Channel on our TV. I've always loved hunting shows, the outdoors, and helping out whenever my Uncle brings home his trophies. Every year I've wanted to get in on it personally but my Mom said I was too young. Well now I'm sixteen and looking to buy my first bow, arrows, everything.

The only problem is that my mom's failed attempt to shelter and deter me has led to me being somewhat ignorant about... well, everything. I've been trying to learn as much as I can online, reading forums and reviews and archery blogs but I still feel woefully ignorant every time I come across yet another term or piece of equipment I don't know. Can anyone offer me some first hand advice, experiences, what I'll have to do and what I'll need to get out there this autumn or next?

Thanks a lot (: I look forward to your responses.
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First of all you are going to have to get complete your hunter safety course(s). In NY you have to take a normal hunter education and a bow hunting course before you can purchase your license. After that your just going to need the basics. I'm sure there are alot of people on here who would be willing to help.

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can understand that feeling completely,
first step as other stated is get those certifications,
in the meantime, there should be nothing stopping you from scouting and learning your ways in the woods,
is there stateland nearby that you can get to? walk? bike? bus? etc...
also you spent time with an uncle who has trophies?
can he or someone else take you out on a trip or two?
dont try to learn it all at once,
you will pick it up as you go along,
cert courses are great to get started,
and reading the regs will let you know what you need to do to hunt legally,
with just the courses and patch of woods you would have the basics to get started,
keep it simple to start
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Try to find an archery shop in your area and make friends with the people that work there. They can be an excellent resource as well. You will find out that people will try to tell you that you NEED the best of this or that but middle of the road stuff kills a lot of deer every year. Do your homework online about the different brands of gear. Also test out bows until you find the right one for you. Mission brand bows are quite good especially for a beginner. They adjust a lot with draw weight and draw length which is important as you probably still have some growing to do. Also no question is a dumb question. Ask away and welcome to the addiction.
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You're on the right track by reading/studying everything you can. Practice shooting YOUR BOW is absolutely necessary. Most compound bow shooters use a release. You must be able to judge distances(or use a laser range finder). I limit my shots to 45 yards max. I was born and raised with the desire to hurl things at tasty animals but those animals aren't dumb. They live and thrive in the wild but with some basic knowledge of the target species and lots of patience you ought to be able to have some rewarding experiences afield. You may not always bag your trophy but as long as you learn/notice something while you're hunting it should be considered rewarding. Bowhunters go through trial and error all season long but learning from mistakes pays off in the end. Just stick with it and I think you'll be hooked! Good luck! Welcome to Hunting Net! Keep on asking questions, there are alot of great people here!
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