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what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

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what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Old 07-30-2003, 01:49 AM
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Default what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was just kicken it back today thinking of all the memories I have of previous hunts I' ve been on and every single time I have gone hunting I have encountered something new along the way.

I was just wondering what is the funniest thing you have seen or heard while hunting?

(Before I start I want everyone to know that I' m not poking muck at the mentally unsound, the guy mentioned in the story seems normal to talk to but he goes a bit loopy when he' s alone.)

A favourite spot of mine to go hunting is in a huge valley semi-cleared for cattle grazing. There is an old hermet who lives at the bottom of the valley and we came to the conclusion that this guy is a few sheep short in the top paddock (if you know what I mean) [&:].

Every day early in the mornings you can hear him shouting at the top of his lungs but you could never quite understand what he was saying. You could hear this guy yelling from about 3 kilometres away.

Anyway, one of my funniest memories is when me and me best friend were hunting through the valley early one morning and the hermett was yelling his lungs out at nothing (as per usual) so we discided to sneak in to see if we could understand him. When we got close enough we could see him out on his verandah singing at the top of his lung " Old Macdonald had a farm. Ee Ii Ee Ii Oow"

When we heard this we burst out laughing and to this day it still gives me a chuckle or two thinking about it.

Can anyone else tell use about there funny stories?
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Old 07-30-2003, 05:59 AM
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Well I thought it was funny, but I bet the lady would have simply been embarassed to death if she knew what I had seen. I was sitting on a stand and I saw this lady hunter coming across the field in my general direction, as she neared the edge of the woods about 30 yards from me she started looking all around, stopped and leaned her gun against a tree, dropped trousers and proceeded to releive herself![] When she had finished she passed within 15 yards of where I was sitting, she never saw me and I decided to not announce my presence because I thought she would have died of embarrasement!
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Old 07-30-2003, 06:47 AM
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

Taz, I can' t believe that you let a woman drop her pants right in front of you without giving her some kind of warning of your presence. You pervert. [>:]
I' m glad you didn' t have a video camera.[>:]
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Old 07-30-2003, 06:50 AM
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was muzzleloader hunting a few years ago when this fellow hunter came walking down the trail towards my stand. I waved my hand but he never looked up and kept on coming towards me. When he got about 15 yards from my tree I blew a grunt call and he stopped like he knew he heard something but didnt know where or what it was. When I grunted again his eyes widened bigger than any Ive ever seen and he litterally dove to the side of the trail.[] His exited actions reminded me of Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show. The guy slowly rolled onto his side and very carefully removed his grunt call . He grunted, I grunted, he grunted , I grunted. Every time I grunted I would point the tube in a different direction and 0l Barneys eyes would look like saucers. Ive never in my life seen a person shake with that much excitement. Apparantly the guy either thought there was more than one buck or the buck was moving. All this time Im up in the tree choking from trying not to laugh out loud. I finally couldnt take it anymore and burst out laughing.[&:] Barney stood up with a confused look on his face then looked up. I then played jingle bells on my grunt call. He shook his head, put his hand on his heart and walked back the way he came.
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Old 07-30-2003, 08:00 AM
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I was heading to my stand, when I see this man up in a treestand about 100yds away. This is private land, and noone else in our group was down to camp hunting. So I planned on sneaking over and kicking the B@#*^$D off!. I got within 50yds, and using my binoculars see its my brother. He must have come down while I was out to surprise me. So thinking of a way to surprise him, he begans climbing down, and removing his portable stand making some clanging noises. So I give him a few grunts. Talk about a hunter caught in a bad situation. He instantly stops, looking around like crazy. I even heard him say S#@T! I grunt couple more times. Now he' s trying to put his stand back onto the tree. I' m behind a large tree among some brush & saplings. I then push a sapling back & forth like its being rubbed. Man was he going nuts, looking. By now he' s refastening his stand. By the time this was over. I had him in his stand pulling his bow back up, laughing my butt off. He musta heard me trying to not giggle to loud. Because he finally yelled back. You son of a B#&@h!!!!!
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Old 07-30-2003, 08:27 AM
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I have two of them.

Both happened this past year. First.....

I was hunting my new spot. A nice clearing in between two fence rows. Basically it' s an old tractor path in between two fields. I had a really nice ten come out of a bedding area and walk a fence row in front of me. I could' nt get a shot due to the trees. Well, I let out a series of Doe bleats in order to get his attention. He decided to hop the fence. Well, he hoped over, and caught his legs on the fence, and went tubling HEAD OVER HEALS into the lane. Then he jumped up, and looked around as if he was checking if anyone saw him. It was pretty funny. Made lots of noise and seemed to put him on alert. Never did get a shot at him. I have seen him this year. He' s still big!!!

Second story...

This one involves me. If someone on the outside was looking in, they would laugh their A_ _ off. I was hunting turkeys for the first time last year. I had hunted deer in the same fields for about two years. It is a 200 acre cattle pasture with lots of deep draws in it. Well, I had come right up onthese cows all during deer season. They thought nothing of me. As a matter if fact they usually ran away from me. Well, I went out during Turkey season, and I was wondering around. I spotted the cows and low and behold they spotted me. They were about 200 yards out.....and came charging. There were 29 cows in this pasture, and every one of them was heading right at me. I did' nt think much until they got about 75-100 away and were' nt slowing down. I started running.....FAST. Cows are HUGE, and FASTER THAN ME. I ended up sliding down on my REAR END down these deep draws. Slid right through thorn bushes, and over rocks. Felt really nice. Anyway, I got to the bottom, and all the cows were up top looking down at me snorting and being pretty much just pisses off at me. I started throwing rocks at hit one of them right between the eyes. They finally took off. After that, they kept doing it, but I would just start throwing stuff, and they would take off elsewhere. Probably pretty funny looking for someone looking in on the other side of the fence.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

My favorite is from a couple of years ago when I was with three others elk hunting. We were posted up around a wallow (sp?) and waited as the daylight began to fade. Three of us were within vision of each other, the fourth was up the hill and came down without us seeing him. While he was waiting for us to come down he was sitting down and not real visible since the light was fading. Then a guy that was hunting by himself walked on the backside of the three of us and right near the fourth guy that was sitting down waiting for us. The guy waiting thought he would spook what he thought was one of the three of us, turns out he scared the fellow that thought he was in the mountains by himself. He gave a holler at the guy and the guy screamed like you wouldn' t believe and we walked down after that laughing all the way.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

I just thought of another one that happened on that same trip. I was waiting in an area on top of a hill that took a good 45 minutes to climb, partially because I was not in the best shape I should be, but was sitting there and heard something moving toward me. I was anticipating an elk to come into the open and listening intently to the sound of sticks breaking and busting as the animal approached on the hillside, then it was getting close so I began to raise my bow and getting ready to drawback when the animal was in the opening, then all at once out jumped a great big black cow, not a cow elk, a beef cow! I have no idea how that cow found his way up that hillside, but it was not the way I climbed up the hill. It was pretty funny though to have a cow pop out of an area that you would never expect to see one.
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Default RE: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

12 years ago I was bow hunting on my then future father in laws' s farm nestled in for the afternoon when I decided to bring out my bran spanking new grunt call for a try. I gave a soft grunt and to my surprise I got a response back on the first try I had just thought I had bought the greatest deer call of all time. I gave another grunt and sure enough I got another response, well then I hushed up for a few minutes getting ready for the ultimate gift to present itself but nothing happened, so then I grunted again and automatically I got a respose and this time I heard sticks break and could hear walking my heart was pounding with anticpation of the whack fest that was about to begin I could hear movement 30 yds. in the brush still no deer wait now I see movement what to my surprise was the 15 year old neighbor boy with his bow in hand and grunt call hanging from his lips as he let out a soft grunt trying to entice me to grunt back. I stood up and asked what he was doing his reply was I didn' t know anyone hunted here and he apologized and returned the way he came in with his head down. I felt mad for him trepassing sad because he left before I could tell him it was O.K. he just needs to let some one know and after I sat back down and thought about it I couldn' t stop laughing how easily it was to call him in and what he must had be thinking while he was calling. The next year we hunted together and he did take a 5 point and doe. I still can' t stop laughing
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Quick Reply: what' s the funniest thing you' ve seen while hunting

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