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Outfitting a new bowhunter

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Outfitting a new bowhunter

Old 11-28-2010, 09:52 PM
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Default Outfitting a new bowhunter

Without sounding like a noob, cam anyone suggest what gear I would need to get into the sport of bow hunting? Obviously a bow of somesort; but what outerwear and or extra gear I would need to hunt deer or turkey in Ohio. Thanks.
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There is a lot of info about compound bows. Very good descriptions of some of the terms I've seen floating around on this site also. I'm new myself so I read everything on the site and found it very beneficial. These guys sell bows with everything needed to hunt ready to shoot minus tweaking for yourself.
No idea if they're reputable or not but I do enjoy reading their instructions. Good sense of humor goes a long way.
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Welcome ,
You may not need as much as you need,
For bow, will depend on your budget, can go used for a few hundred bucks or can go top of the line new and spend $1k, leave specifics on bows to others,
When deciding on a bow best to try a few and see which you are comfortable,
A good bow shop can also help you match arrows/broadheads to the bow,
When you do get your bow, practice, practice,practice.
Whether its at a range or in your yard(if legal, and have a good backstop).
As for clothers, again depends on your budget,
For turkey, covered in camo is key, as turks see colors and deer don't,
Head to toe camo, with nothing shiny,
Orange, if its optional in your state, still recomend it for getting to/from your spots.
I even wear orange when hunting my own land
I wrap my orange around a tree nearby to let other hunters know I am there

For deer instead of solid orange, best to wear a pattern that's broken up.
They may not see colors, but see patterns, and solid anything stands out.

Best thing you can do is spend time in the woods, whether its scouting or hunting, only way you will learn the animals behavior is to be out there.

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For camo, don't worry about the latest and greatest (and expensive) camo patterns; at 30 yards all of the photo-realistic detail blurs together anyway. Old military camo works just as well as the expensive stuff. The key is to break up your silouette, so whatever gets the job done. More important is that your clothing allows you freedom of movement (can't be too bulky), should keep you warm, and is quiet. Most importantly, practice shooting in your hunting clothes, with all of your gear on (face mask, gloves, etc). You're much better off finding that your string slaps your jacket sleeve at the range than when you're taking a shot at a nice buck.

Best of luck to you!
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