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Whisker biscuit or Drop Away?
I like the biscuit when walkin with an arrow knocked and the accuracy is pretty good.
But i have heard hands down if you want accuracy then go drop away
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Ripcord... Best of both worlds!
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Originally Posted by twildasin
Ripcord... Best of both worlds!
I've been using the Ripcord too!
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Another vote here for the ripcord, it's a great rest.

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Whisker Biscuit accuracy is pretty good I'd say.
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Originally Posted by gyro288
Whisker biscuit or Drop Away?
I like the biscuit when walkin with an arrow knocked and the accuracy is pretty good.
But i have heard hands down if you want accuracy then go drop away
Although I would never advocate waling around with an arrow nocked some people do it. One slip and a broadhead could spell disaster through a person's leg or other part of his anatomy.

That being said, no one rest is particularly more accurate than another. It's the person behind the bow and how well he executes shots that determines accuracy.

With a bisquit a person has to aim and follow through better than with a drop away or other rest because the arrow is "contained" and any movement of the bow can cause the arrow to stray, whereas with noncontainmet rests the arrow can act independently of the rest. Of course, the arrow is still attached to the string so any movement by the shooter has a detrimental effect on accuracy as well; just not as much.

I guess a lot depends on what your definition of accuracy is and just how much accuracy you desire, and how well you shoot in the first place.

I've shot a bisquit and it isn't my cup of tea. I've also shot about a dozen different droppers and for my style of shooting they are OK, but can sometimes create almost as many problems as they solve. Things like the draw cord sliding in the cable or cable creep change the setting on them so they don't raise up enough--changes the POI. It doesn't happen often, but don't let anybody tell you it doesn't happen. Some have a tendency to be noisy with the rest prongs slapping the shelf when they drop.
Little things like this.

There just isn't anything perfect or fullproof in archery. Maybe that's why there are hundreds of different bows. Dozens of rests and sights. If any one thing were the absolute best then all the others would fall by the wayside.
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I am not a fan of the WB myself, but I know a lot of people use them and love them. I just have a problem with the idea of having my arrow pass thru something like that.

With that being said, I understand why people like the WB for hunting. The full capture of it is nice. There are several drop aways on the market that offer full capture features as well. The QAD is one that a lot people like, I have used one for the past couple of years and have no real compliants.

I am now shooting the Limb Driver and it is by far the easiest most tunable rest I have ever played with, but it does not offer a full capture feature like the QAD or the WB.
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