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Back from the Yukon with moose in tow

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Back from the Yukon with moose in tow

Old 09-29-2009, 07:30 AM
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Default Back from the Yukon with moose in tow

Iím back from the Yukon. What an incredible trip. The land is rugged and itís like youíre stepping back in time. I spent 16 days there, 11 of them in a small camp off the river. Accommodations were not too bad given what I was prepared to experience and the food was great. We hunted hard for the first four days. Scouting out the terrain and where the moose were located. We called in bulls everyday but the first and the best way to explain it is like turkey calling to a 1,500 lb pissed off turkey. These animals come in looking to fight. Knocking down bushes and trees with ease. Itís simply awesome to see a bull at 20 yards bend over a 30 foot sapling and grunting.

On the third night we had a close encounter with a bull that my guide called me off. He later said he should have given me the decision. It was a 190-200 inch bull, which all that meant to me was big. They were looking for us a bull definitely over 200, but for a guy from Kentucky, they all are big. We hunted the fourth day and ran across this guy at about 30 yards. 185, not a shooter. The fourth night was more of the same. On the fifth morning as we were running up the river at 7:30, a bull came out of the water and shook off on a distant bank. Dan, my guide, looked at me and said we need to go in and take a look at him. So, we ran the boat upon the shore after giving the moose a bit of time to make his way into the bush. We quietly went in, and began to call and scrape an alder bush. Immediately, the bull began to grunt back. I could hear him getting closer. He first appeared at 35 yards to my left coming in up under a spruce tree, which just seemed to bend over. As he grunted and pushed his way too us, I looked at Dan to see what he was thinking. He gave me the so-so hand gesture. Great. The bull came into 20 yards and again I looked at Dan, his eyes a little more optimistic now and he quietly whispers, itís up to you. I think by the time he got to ďtoĒ in that statement I was drawn. The bull came in dead broadside at 15 yards. I zipped the broadhead just behind his right shoulder and he simply turned quickly and looked back at me. He stood there for a few seconds and began to gasp for air. I had already reloaded, but Dan just looked at me and said heís dead. The bull took a few steps and crashed into the same bush he had just walked in front of. He didnít go 5 feet from where I shot him. I was so thrilled. My first every big game animal other than a whitetail and a complete pass thru at 15 yards. Dan acted like it happens everyday, but not me. Iím pumped up. Luckily the bull was shot 100 yards from the river because in the Yukon, all eatable meat must be stripped from the carcass and kept clean for consumption. Well, it was just Dan and little ole me. It took us 6.5 hours and some back breaking effort, but we got it back to camp. He was 55Ē wide with 40 inch pans and 23-24 scoreable points.
This was the most fun, exciting and exhilarating hunt Iíve ever experienced. The fact that you can call in an animal that big and get them into such close range is unbelievable. They have no fear of man, which can make for some very close encounters. My buddy, Tres, who was hunting as well, had a bull charge and rams a tree at 4 yards. It is the highlight of my bowhunting experience to date. Cannot wait to attempt to top itÖif that is possible. Sorry for the long post, enjoy the pics and itís great to be back homeÖ.for a day or two at least.

Beautiful SceneryÖ100 miles in the middle of nowhere. Great for the mind and soul.

The fourth day ďdinkĒ as the guides put itÖhe was a good looking moose.

And finallyÖday five success

Hoyt AM32 70 lbs with 28 inch draw
CX Arimid KV 350 27 inches
G5 Striker 125gr
One dead mooseÖit did its job.
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Old 09-29-2009, 07:41 AM
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Very nice Moose! Sounds like it was an absolutely awesome time.
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Old 09-29-2009, 07:41 AM
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That is one incredible animal, congrats on a great hunt.
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Old 09-29-2009, 07:43 AM
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Congrat's great moose
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Old 09-29-2009, 07:47 AM
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I am sure he was worth the effort and work!!! My grandfather, one year before he passed away, took a Quebec moose with a Bear Super Mag and Easton 2117 arrows, tipped with 125 grain thunderheads. He willed the bow to me, and the "bug" has been with me ever since, including my first deer with a bow taken with the same equipment!!! Hell, if it can kill a moose, why not a deer he said before passing!!!

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Old 09-29-2009, 07:50 AM
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Awesome! What a trip! Me jealous!
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Awesome congrats!
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Great stuff Kelly! Congrats, man I'd love to hunt moose up there someday!
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Awesome story and great bull! Congrats
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That's Freakin' Fabulos! I so, want hunt moose. Congradulation! So I guess you'd recomend the outfitter?
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