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2009 Colorado Elk Hunt

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2009 Colorado Elk Hunt

Old 09-21-2009, 02:47 PM
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Default 2009 Colorado Elk Hunt

The 2009 Colorado elk hunt started Sunday September 13th about noon. Jason and I left Merrilian,WI with plans of driving straight through and start hunting Monday morning. Our drive was interrupted by the Nebraska POPO. $128.00 dollars later we are back on the way. We made it to our spot in time to hunt the morning. After an exhausting climb to the top of the mountain we waited for daylight. All our effort to get there by dawn with high hopes of getting to a pinch point funnel where the elk feed up through on there way to bed were crushed by some hunters camping in the meadow the elk feed in.

Day 1 ended on a high note as we were on our way out we spotted 2 bulls and a couple of cows on the opposite hillside. To late to make a stalk we made a plan for the morning. Day 2 started with a hike up this steep knarly ridge. We ran into elk about ĺ of the way up. The elk were about 80 yards out. 1 bull and 4 cows which would not respond to any calls.

Day 3 We decided to go back to where we went the first day but hunt a little farther away. After an uneventful morning we sat at the top of the mountain and ate some lunch. I decided to let a couple of bugles. 10 minutes went by with no answer, then it happened. We heard a branch break the another branch break. We got set up as fast as we could but the bull was at 20 yards and looking right at us. Good thing Jason had his bow ready, as he came to full draw the bull whirled and started to run. I let out a cow call to get him to stop but as he slowed down Jasonís finger bumped his release resulting in premature arrow release.

We caught back up to the bull about an hour later. We got with in 50 yards of him but he did not offer any shot before he took off for good. By mid afternoon we had about as much excitement as we could handle for 1 day and started our trek out. We made it about 400 yards before we heard another elk bugle. We got set up with the decoy I bought from Justin and I started calling. With in minutes I had two bulls screaming at me and closing the distance. They both came in to 35 yards not offer any shot. 1 was a small 5x5 and the other was 300+Ē 6x6. They didnít see what they were looking for and took off. Just spent from all the activity we decided to let the area cool off for the rest of the day and hit it again in the morning.

Day 4 came with high hopes of screaming bulls looking for a fight. After setting up and starting to call we got an answer. 30 minutes of bugling back and forth resulted in caling in 5 other hunters. After that we went out and got liquored up.

Day 5 Slept in, went and did some shopping, then headed up to try again. It was getting late when we heard a bugle of in the distance but we figured we would try. We got set up again. After calling and calling the bull sounded close and was coming in hot. I was thrashing trees and doing my best to sound like a herd of elk. The bugleís got just out of sight when all of a sudden I see a human face, make it 3 human faces. We all had a good laugh and hiked out.

Day 6 was met with low expectations but we have to make the best of what we got. In the morning we saw a cow and a small bull come over the ridge top and bed down. We believe that they do that almost everyday so we have a plan for the morning of day 7. We came up with a plan for the afternoon hunt of day 6 and started our climb back up. We got with in 200 yards of the top of the mountain when I decided to bugle. We got an answer right away. We ran to get set up for a shot but the bull ran straight in and was standing at 12 yards. Jason knocked an arrow and drew his bow again the bull turned but this time Jason got a good shot off. The arrow flight was true but his aim wasnít. 1-Aspen tree shot.

On our way out we found some bone the only bone we would bring home. A 5x4 Elk and a 4x4 Muley.

We had a good time and saw some great scenery. We also found a grave. Weird

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Old 09-21-2009, 02:56 PM
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that too bad you guys didnt get one on the ground, but im sure it was a still great experience
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Old 09-21-2009, 04:26 PM
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Beautiful country! Thanks for sharing those great pics.
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Old 09-21-2009, 05:04 PM
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Great story and pics to go with it.

Hope you had the time of your life
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Old 09-21-2009, 05:43 PM
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Sounds like a good time, at least you SAW something.....I spent 6 1/2 days wondering if there were really any elk in COLORADO!!! Finding lots of OLD sign, but very little fresh sign. Could've killed a BEAUTY of a CINNAMON PHASE BLACK BEAR that was enormous and nearly a dozen mule deer, but NO ELK!!! Sorry to hear about the mishaps, better luck next time around......
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Thanks for the great pictures and story.....felt like I was there.
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Where in colorado did you go? my dad just got back from making his annual elk trip near Steamboat springs and saw the least sign hes ever seen around there. Usually every year he scores and im 3 for 3 on my trips out there but this year he didnt have any luck.
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By Glenwood Springs. I've hunted there for years and the sign was terrible. Very little and spread out.

Originally Posted by Hunt4Life23 View Post
Where in colorado did you go? my dad just got back from making his annual elk trip near Steamboat springs and saw the least sign hes ever seen around there. Usually every year he scores and im 3 for 3 on my trips out there but this year he didnt have any luck.
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Great pics and story! Sounds like it was exciting and fun!
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Looks like a blast. I would love to get to elk hunt once. Thanks for the pics and story. Makes my wait for Oct. 3rd even harder. (Oct. 3rd is our opening day for Whitetail.)
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