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How do you apply your deer lure ?

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How do you apply your deer lure ?

Old 08-09-2009, 09:41 PM
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Default How do you apply your deer lure ?

I'm doing kind of a study on the theory me and my brother came up with today. When hunting the am hours (day light to noon) where do you place your lure. This can be with or without a wick or in something.
A) On the ground B) On a limb waist to chest high C) overhead.
This has to do with Thermals while hunting. Thanks.
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Old 08-10-2009, 02:30 AM
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I pretty much always choose option B.
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Old 08-10-2009, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by turkish621 View Post
I pretty much always choose option B.
Same here, cover scent (I use HS wafers) I place either on or around me in a tree
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Old 08-10-2009, 05:18 AM
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i always use a wick and i like to place mine as high as i can reach...

no real reason...

i dont like putting it on the ground or on trees or whatever to leave it out there(unless its going into a scrape or on a drag)

my thinking is i want to be there when they come smelling for my scent....

ive actually seen some success with scents since i started using fresh scent off a deer farm...always trying to learn more though...
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Old 08-10-2009, 05:35 AM
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I train track dogs and here is how I do it.
After I get all my gear to my tree stand,
I apply my lure to a drag rag (using a rag, string and surg. gloves sealed in a zip lock) at the tree, then I walk in a Z pattern towards deer trail. That way the point of odor will get stronger as deer approaches.
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Old 08-10-2009, 12:54 PM
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Default lure

I know everyone is going to say we do it all wrong. Many years ago (I killed my 1st Archery Deer in 1958) b/4 many commercial drips, drag rags ect. my brother & I started with this. No gloves, no rubber boots ect.
We take an old SOCK, wash it in no soap & then hang to dry outside then place in a baggie. When we go out we ALWAYs lay scent trails. We get to where we want to start the trail, slip the sock over the end of our boot leaving 1/2 of the sock flapping. We soak the flapping end with our lure (always a sex scent). We walk along & freshen the sock every few yds with a squirt or two. We WALK the way we WANT the DEER to WALK & then place the rag just below waist high (freshen it) where we WANT TO SHOOT. I want that Deers head looking DOWN.
I have video of Bucks & Does following exactly where we have walked. Unfortunatly (I guess) some ends up on your boot & I have YOUNG BUCKs & DOES SMELLING where I went up my ladder to my stand after they've gotten bored wondering about the rag hangin in the tree IF I don't shoot them. LAST YEAR I had a Button Buck licking my tree steps-I had a Forky go exactly where I walked-to my rag & then 10 yds past my stand on to another small Buck 15 yds away & they fought (all on video from the time he hit my scent trail). About 1997-98 I was walking out of the woods at dark & walked within 10 yds of a young Doe-she started Displaying for me-I set everything down & video taped her trying to TEMP ME to follow her. I've had Bucks PASS the end of my scent trail & come back-2 have died within feet of my stand. We have both had Bucks RUB Their Antlers on the tree we are in after following scent we put out. I let one Doe go that was licking my steps & she followed the scent my brother had left after helping me with the video equipt.-he killed her right under his tree.
We have LOTs of proof it works for us. It's not the "keep all human scent off" scenarion-but it definatly works for us & pretty cheap. DON't get me wrong-WE have tried MANY products that come on the market over the years (53 of Bowhunting for me & about 45 for Brother) & yes, they work but so far, not any better than our old worn out sock.
We have NEVER spooked a Deer (Buck or Doe) with a sex scent OR RATTLING HORNs. We have had them spook from coverups & Skunk & Fox scents.
What do we like BEST.
(estrus) Buck Stop, Tinks69 & Pete Richards in that order. Yes, we try others but these have ALWAYs worked for us. I have even mixed them with the same good results.
To this day we do not spray our cloths with scent free or cover up. I usually start Bowhunting mid Oct. (season opens 1st) & hit it hard right through mid Nov. when season closes or I've filled my tags. My brother took a decent 8 pointer last year (we usually don't specifically hunt for BIG horns though we do let small ones walk now) that followed his scent trail & I passed on several "little' Bucks but did kill 2 Does-one that followed my scent trail. I "AM" now hunting horns in my downhill side of life & I've set my sights pretty high since I have taken ton's of Whitetails & some decent Bucks in 53 years of Bowhunting. I'm guess i have let at least 50 Bucks pass within 15 yds the last 3 years & some pretty decent-some I hope my 2 kids that started to Bowhunt will get a crack at.

We scent trail faithfully-laying from 2 directions to our stand-grunt & Doe Bleets, rattle horns starting around 3rd week of Oct..
It may not be scientific but it works for us - we have a blast-KNOWING where that Deer is going once they cut our scent trail.
Oh, once the vrag starts being used it is used over & over (yep-gets REAL RIPE) & NEVER comes back into the house-in the trunk & in the baggie.
This is one Buck-late 80s
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Old 08-10-2009, 12:57 PM
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Brother with one
Me & wife with last years Doe
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Others over the years taken with our scent trail sock.
Not everything is big but then-we have never really been trophy Bowhunters-we have been Bowhunters-neither of us has ever purchased a Gun Biggame tag & our Biggame assortment includes Elk, Black Bears, Mule deer, Sheep, Wild Hogs, Turkey, Buffalo & a few others.
Good Luck in your quest.
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I just use Bob Kirschners trailmaker on my boots and walk a semi cirgle in fromy of my stand. The deer trail me from where I started to where I stop which is the end of the trail for them.
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I use a drag rag in the rut, everytime I go in the woods. (they work!!!) I really like the scent bombs and hang them as high as a licking branch would be. I like to use earth scent waffers on my hat and hang them out around my seat on my deer stand. I am looking foward to trying one of the heated scent dispensers this season as when we put out the bombs in the rut that almost always freeze solid.
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