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Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

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Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

Old 06-30-2009, 02:07 AM
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Default Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips


In the last issue of Africa’s Bowhunter, there is an article on how to get within bow shooting range on a walk and stalk hunt.

As this is a forum for sharing information and tips, I thought it good to start this topic.

For all you Walk and stalk hunters out there, please share you tips in terms of:
• Equipment you use
• Clothing
• General camouflage
• Approaching the game
• Your general body position
• Your preferred shooting distance
• What do you do in the 5 seconds before shooting
• How do you start your search
• General tips

Even gentlemen having only rifle hunting experience can give valuable tips.

I personally think the information provided here can save a hunter from wounding an animal.

Please share

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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips


A term I go by, slow is fast!
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

Equipment would be whatever weapon I am hunting with, binoculars, and a wind checker. I always have a backpack on, but that is not just for the stalking portion of the hunt.

Clothing is generally just something light and soft. There are times though that I like to break out the 3D camo suit.

Camouflage is generally just something that matches my terrain.

If given a choice I prefer to approach from higher up and from the backside of the animal. Remember while stalking up on your chosen animal to look around for other animals so as not to spook any of them as well.

Always pay attention to the wind. If the wind is steady you can get away with a nice cross or quartering wind, but it is generally easier with the wind in your face (at least it gives me a little peace of mind).

I would prefer all shots to be within 30 yards, but realistically that does not always happen.

Before shooting, I check the body language of the animal I am stalking, check the wind, check for "spoilers", make sure I have a shooting lane, etc. etc. It just really depends on the situation.....and a lot can happen in five seconds.

Depending on where I am hunting I will generally start my search by reaching a vantage point and glassing, or still hunting through a known hangout.

General tips......I like to hunt in athletic shoes (cross trainers, hiking, etc.) because they are normally quite a bit ligher than boots, and usually you can get a good feel for what is under your feet with them. Depending on the terrain I sometimes will stalk the last 50 or so yards in my socks to cut down on noise.

If you go slow, pay attention to the wind, and keep a sharp eye out you will be successful. Have fun.
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Old 06-30-2009, 11:49 PM
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

hmmm, Spot an Stalk hunting is done mostly by ear for me. There is not set pattern for it really. I do have a few tips though! when u stop to call all ways have brush to squat in and be in there before fooling with ur calls. You never know when a deer is close by but hid gud. I allways have a bush or some thing to put inbetween me and the target for the draw but open to one side so I can shoot. As soon as u have a shot TAKE IT!! I am usually right out in the open (to the deer/turkey) a step after that spot but it can not be avoided.
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

i do the same as Hurricanespq but i use the structure that is open to me like bushes or trees and make my way to the animal i am hunting also it would help if you know the behavior of the animal if you dont the animal could give you the wrong impression on what it is about to do i have had deer look right at me in open fields and not think i am a threat to them if you dont look at them and if they are use to seeing people.
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

All of my hunting has been by stalking and it can be really hard at times. Whether by bow or gun stalking is my way of hunting. I use the wind to my advantage and enjoy most of my stocking after a lite rain in the hardwoods. The leaves are quiter and the deer's sence of smell appears to be more favorable for the stalker. I also like to set back once in a while wait for a half hour to an hour to let any deer that has tried to circle me to show back up. While setting back i choose a location where saplings are growing around the base of a hardwood tree to blend in. Also a good cover scent that is natural to the area I am hunting is used when sitting. My last bow shot deer I walked up on after a lite rain and it saw me at the same time. I watched it get up and jump 3 jumps. it stopped to look back at me while trying to smell me. That was it's mistake and I soon had a bow kill. The deer up here are not used to people and coyotes hunting them as well makes it a very hard way to hunt. It is my style of hunting though and i am not willing to change it.
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

Sorry double post...
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

Be vewy vewy quiet..........

E. Fudd

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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

Go slow and move increments. When im hunting i always like to move slow. Even when im hunting from a treestand i take the opprotunity to spot and stalk on my way in, even in the dark. hear me out

Depending on where your hunting is the most important. I hunt a large variety of places from urban settings with small 5 acre lots, to large tracts of forest that can be in the Millions of acres. I like to move slow and watch as im walking but i also like to set a distance or a mark. Meaning if im walking slow and looking and i see a down tree ahead i will make a point to stop at that tree and glass for a second. Most pray animals rely on your movement, smell and sound to catch you. if the wind is in your favor and your moving slow enough not to make much noise then its about movement. IF you stop and sit still every couple hundred fit you blend back in, some times this can make deer jump to there feet and expose themselves. I have been very successful with this method. Sometimes they will just sit back and watch, but once you stop and stayed stoped for a few minutes they lose you(dont move a muscle is stopped, or get behind cover to glass) I have had many of deer and Elk get nervous cause they lost sight of me, they get up or move, this exposes them. I had small 4X4 elk last season only 60 yards from me and he stayed bedded, i stopped behind a young pine to look and about 2 mins later i noticed him standing looking for me, he was going to let me walk by, but instead he got nervouse. WHITETAILS are notorious for doing this. They will let you walk right by them and assume you dont seem them and most of the time you wont. IT also works in the dark(not for shooting of course) but if you stop you then become more like an animal and less like a human. I have even grunted in the dark and pretending to be a deer to keep deer that i kicked up from going far, i even made a scape on morning on the edge of a field on morning after i spooked the deer, i sat still and a buck came in looking fo the challenge in the dark, it turned light enough to shoot and he was broadside at 20yards.
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Default RE: Walk and Stalk Bowhunting Tips

A good set of binoc's are crucial, imo. I don't stalk during bow season, but I spend most of rifle season still hunting in thick brush. To me using the wind and moving slow are givens, but I feel one of the kickers that people forget about are good binos that you can use to really pick apart the brush and everything in front of you. Sure, nothing will substitute having excellent eyesight and observational skills, but having good glass in hand is invaluable.
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