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My bow season.

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Default My bow season.

Hey guys. Thought I'd tell you about my bow season. I guess some would say I got skunked as I didn't take anything with my bow. However I was able to get out quite a bit and let several small bucks go.
For some reason this year I didn't see hardley any does so I passed on all that I saw. I did that so that during gun season some of the younger kids who hunt with me might have a chance at them.

So here was my big mistake this season.[8D]
I was in the stand before day light. It was the 2nd week of October and still pretty warm. Lows in the 40's and high's in the 60's. So who would have expected to see bucks chasing? I didn't and boy did I blow it.
From my stand to my left, just past the creek is a huge cut-over that I know holds deer. No question's asked. So when I heard one coming through there I looked over to see a huge doe making her way down to the creek. I decided to pass her up so I sat my bow back down. (Dumb)
Then I notice, she's going pretty quick through there. Maybe a coyote? Dog? Someone behind her?
She wasn't running but trotting pretty good.
So I look back and grab my bow, turn back and see her huge body behind a tree. Head hidden.
I then changed my mind, cause she is HUGE! I told myself when she takes about 3 steps forward I'll stick her.
Then "she" leaped forward with a head full of antler that looked like "she" had a hedgerow stuck between her ears.
This buck had pushed the doe to the creek and when I caught glimpse of him behind that tree, he jumped all the way down to the creek and landed up against her!
She pops the fence and goes into the cow pasture and he follows. ALL IS NOT LOST>
If she turns to her right she will bring him right by me at 15yds. I'm shaking now.
Well, she turns LEFT and he follows her off to never-never land.
I get out my bios and realize I just let a HUGE 10 point buck around 17" wide walk 20yds away from me.[:-]

So I wait 3 more hours, just wishing. When I leave the stand I go to tell my buddy what I saw and that if he could hunt that evening he should hunt my stand.
He proceeds to tell me how he was letting a small doe go by when he was ambushed by a 8 and 9 point buck chasing her. Both were shooters.

Needless to say he was back there that evening but only saw some small bucks.
I hunted the area about 5 more times but never saw the 10 pointer again.
During smokepole season I saw several coyotes in the area and killed one of em. I hope he's still alive and spreading his seed.

On a side note later during smokepole season I was able to take a 7 pointer that was 16 1/2" wide.
Though not the same as with my bow I was still pleased with my season and pledge to pay better attention next year.
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Default RE: My bow season.

Better luck next year!
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Default RE: My bow season.

Sounds like you had a great season and congrats on your Yote and Buck! Good story.

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