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Stats, add yours...

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Stats, add yours...

Old 12-20-2008, 11:11 AM
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Default Stats, add yours...

Well I finished up my deer season on Dec. 15th and figured I'd share some stats.
I'd like to hear about yours... Maybe tell us a little about your area, type of hunting, etc...
Add other pertinent info if you please??!
Something like this...

State = NH, 100% public
Method(s) = 80% Archery, 20% muzzle
Type of hunting = 95% Tree stands, 5% Stalking
Areas hunted = Transition areas on the edge of swamps (hardwoods) & Swamps.
Hours hunted = 176
Deer seen = 23
Bucks seen = 5
Legitimate shot opportunities = 10
Passed = 8
Tagged = 6-point archery & 8-point Muzzle
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Old 12-20-2008, 11:13 AM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

I had a good year 10pt with bow and 8pt with the gun.....I saw quite abit of deer in the area I was hunter, I wasmainly huntin on pinch points and ridge tops next to bedding areas.
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Old 12-20-2008, 11:48 AM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

State = NC, 100% private land
Method(s) =90%+Compound ; some traditional - ALL Archery tackle
Type of hunting = Mostly treestand.....handful of ground hunts.
Areas hunted = Everythng but swamps.
Hours hunted =well over 300 hours
Deer seen = 231
Bucks seen = 48
Legitimate shot opportunities =??
Passed = Hard to say --117 deer in bow range
Tagged =8 point buck, 6 point buck, 1 yearling doe, 4ea mature does

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Old 12-20-2008, 12:17 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

These stats aren't exact. They are rough estimates.

State = TN, VA, Private
Method(s) = 90% Archery 10% Rifle
Type of hunting = 80% Tree stands, 20% Stalking
Areas hunted = Everywhere, lol. Mainly hardwoods with some Pastures
Hours hunted =Roughly 150hours
Deer seen =61
Bucks seen =10
Legitimate shot opportunities =???Maybe 15
Passed = 8
Tagged = 4pt archery,2 does archery, 1 doe rifle, 1 spike rifle
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Old 12-20-2008, 12:37 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

State = OH, 100% Private
Method = 100%Archery
Type of Hunting =99% Treestand, 1%Ground Blind
Areas Hunted = 100% Farmland
Hours Hunted = 150-160 hours
Deer Seen = 85 or so
Bucks Seen = 23 (8 shooters)
Legitimate shot opportunities =18?
Passed = 16
Tagged = one button buck, and nice 8 pointer.

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Old 12-20-2008, 01:35 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

I have stats organized a bit different at the end of my log, so I'm breaking your format


Sightings: 158[/b]
Approx Different Deer: 35[/b]
Approx Number Of Deer Within Shot Window: 75 (All Six Bucks Included)[/b]
Sits: 40[/b]
Morning Hunts: 6[/b]
Missed Days: 3[/b]
Total Hours: 5085 Minutes (84.75hrs)[/b]
Buck Total (Different Bucks): 6[/b]
Largest Buck: 115-120” 8 Point[/b]
Buck Sightings Prior to November 1st: 2 (Spike, 6 point)[/b]
Buck Sightings After November 1st: 13[/b]
Smallest: 5” Spike[/b]
Stand Locations: 13 Total[/b]
Acreage Hunted: 90[/b]

Location: PA, Private 100%

Harvested: Hen Turkey

Rifle (I didn't keep a log during our two week season, so these are estimates):

Sightings: 40[/b]
Approx Different Deer: 16[/b]
Approx Number Of Deer Within Shot Window: All[/b]
Sits: 10[/b]
Morning Hunts: 3[/b]
Missed Days: 2[/b]
Total Hours: (17.5hrs)[/b]
Buck Total (Different Bucks): 5[/b]
Largest Buck: ~40" Broken 8[/b]
Smallest: 5” Spike[/b]
Stand Locations: 4 Total[/b]
Acreage Hunted: 90[/b]

Location: PA, Private 100%

Harvested: None

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Old 12-20-2008, 02:10 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

State =OH, 100% private
Method(s) = 70% Archery, 30% shotgun
Type of hunting = 95% Tree stands, 5% Stalking
Areas hunted = woods/thicket 95% feild 5%
Sits/stalks= 15/2
Hours hunted = 33.5
Deer seen =22
Bucks seen = 2
Legitimate shot opportunities =2
Passed = 1 it was actually an accident i thought the doe was a squirel
Tagged = 9-point archery hopefully ill get a late season doe
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Old 12-20-2008, 03:00 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

Cool thread Ed!!

State =
Mn, 99% private, one hunt on public land.
Method = All bow hunting. Using a recurve to be exact.
Type of hunting = 90% Tree stands, 10% ground.
Areas hunted = Ag land and once In big woods.
Hours hunted = 30 sits I'm guessing? 3 hours a sit- 90 hours? I have no clue actually.
Deer seen = 60 to 70 deer? Again, this Is a big guess but It's probably less. I'm sure allot are the same deer.
Bucks seen = 10 I think, might be 9.
Legitimate shot opportunities = Quite a few but never took any.
Passed = All 10 or so bucks I passed, all were to small. A dozen or so doe's and fawns, not sure on that number.
Tagged = Nothing yet.
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Old 12-20-2008, 05:12 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

State = ID Public, MIPrivate
Method(s) = 100% Archery
Type of hunting = 50% Tree stands, 50% Stalking
Areas hunted = Anyplace I could fine good sign, New deer lease. Idaho Mountains ( I knew where I was hunting
Hours hunted =Roughly 150hours
Deer seen =25-30
Bucks seen =10
Bulls Seen = 5
Legitimate shot opportunities =???Maybe 15
Passed = 25 young does, fawns and small bucks
Tagged =5x4 Bull Elk, 2x2 Mule deer buck, 4x4 Whitetail Buck

I feelI had a great season. I can't wait until next year!

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Old 12-20-2008, 06:14 PM
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Default RE: Stats, add yours...

State- Southern Tier NY
100% Archery
Amount of Hours on Stand -300+
Type of terrain - Hedgerows,Agricultural,Top of ravines
Number of Stands- 12 fixed,2 Climbers
Number of Deer seeen - 52 -10 Buck 4 in range
Number taken- 2 Buck,6Pt + 8Pt4 Mature Doe
All treestand time
All in all a good season. The freezer is full.

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