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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

This is a tough question, I think it is nearly impossible for a buck to go unseen by SOMEONE. It may not be a hunter that sees it, maybe a farmer or even just a lucky passer by, but I think that someone has to lay eyes on him. My buddy's mother drives bus for the local school and she always fills us in on where the big boys are.

As far as hunters go, I would say theres a pretty good chance thats a buck could go unseen by hunters. 95% of the guys around me do all their scouting the weekend before the opener then have at it. Im scouting all summer long, but even I cant cover everything, so its possible.

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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

I agere with the fact that not many go unseen at some point but in regards to hunting season I know for a fact that many go unseen. With a good log of trails cam pics I know of quite a few that pull the old disappear act fro a few months. Heck they wouldn't get big if someone saw them
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

I think SOMEBODY sees them by the time they are 3.5y/o...but a totally nocturnal buck is quite possible, or one that lives in such a dense area that the average joe wouldnt hunt. I think that is possible even around here. I have a picture on my trail cam which would lead me to beleive such. It's a deer people around here would be talking about if actually seen. It is possible some low key hunter shot the deer and either didnt mount it, or took it to a taxi away from the area.
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

There are very few if any that go unseen during the summer months. However when hunting season rolls around they get damn smart. I only saw shooter bucks 3 times and I went out well over 40 times.

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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

Freak Daddy has only been seen around 10 times this year by about 5 different people. Its a small community, so word about big bucks gets around fast. That's pretty crazy to me considering the amount of people around and all the different small pieces of property.
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

I used to live in Wisconsin where shinning deer is legal. Before trail cams, we'd scout our ground late at night with shinnersand the big boys didn't come out onto the fieldsuntil the last 30 minutes of legal shinning hours.

I've hunted land where the big nocturnal bucks only showsthesleves a few times a year in daylight hours, I'm sure there are some bucks that never do.When I see abig buck constantly showing himself all the time in the day light, I know he's not going to last long.
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

You guys have clearly never hunted the mountains. The way our property is laid out, a savvy buck can get as old as he wants to and never be seen.
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

I would say more good bucks go by unseen than we give them credit.
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Default RE: How many go unseen ?

Around here.....I would say NONE.
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