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Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Old 11-12-2008, 08:10 PM
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Default Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Well after 150+ hours in the treestand and hunting every weekend since opening weekend it came together. I sat all day fridayfrom 6 am to 5 pm and only saw one doe and her nubby fawn. I was pretty discouraged going into saturday(11/8) with what I had been seeing, and it was my last day to bowhunt for the year. At 5 am I woke up and asked dad why he hadn't gotten me up? He replied that it was pouring outside, so I rolled over in my sleeping bag and went back to bed. At around 11 the rain had lightened and turned to snow, so I started getting my stuff on and left for the stand at 11:30. I walked some Tink's 69 in and poured some in a scrape 30 yds in front of me. I also had out a trophy leaf, a scent bomb, and my boot drag. When I got in the stand there was a stiff 20 mph NW wind blowing in my face and it was blizzard conditions. I played a few games of yatzee and at one I decided to take a nap. I pulled my facemask up and my hat down and woke up at ten to 2. My bow was covered in snow so I cleaned it off and layed it acrossed my lap with a gunny sack on top to try to keep the snow off. At ten to 3 I checked to see how frozen my arrow was. The drop away rest was frozen to the bow and the arrow frozen to the rest. My broadhead was snowcovered and iced up. I cleaned everything off and ten minutes later I looke out in front and here comes a buck. I took the gunny sack off my bow and slowly stood up as he was behind a tree. He was just to the right of the trail where I walked the Tinks on. I got ready and he was coming in fast. When he got to 10 yds he stopped facing me, so I didn't have a shot opportunity. He looked to the west, and didn't see any does and turned and started walking to the east, right into the thick swamp, which I didn't have any shooting lanes. He turned and started walking, I drew back and stopped him, but he stopped behind a tree. I let down and he started walking again. I leaned over my treestand, crouched down, drew back and stopped him again. He was quatering away and I had about a 3 inch window to shoot through just behind the last rib. I let it fly and saw the fletchings sink in right where I was aiming. He hunched up and took off. Not a couple seconds later I heard two big crashes. I waited a couple minutes and went to check out my arrow. It wasn't in sight and neither was any blood. I backed out and went and got dad who was 4-5 miles down the road and a 1/2 mile back. We went to the cabin and got my camera and the trailer. We then went back to the stand and looked for blood, there wasn't any. We walked side by side and not 15 yds from where I shot him he was laying. The arrow entered behind the ribs and came out just behind the shoulder. Blood was all around where he was curled up. He is a 7 pointer with a 14 inch inside spread. The year turned out much better than it had been going. Saw 8 bucks total and a bunch of does and fawns. Now hopefully me or dad can get one of the big two running around back there with the gun. Here is mine along with dads and Kevins. Post is late because my dad and my camera didnt get home until today. I didnt want to violate the man law!
Thanks for reading.

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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Way to go! Congrats!
Welcome to the site!
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Nice one. What parts of N. Wi? Looks like the Minocqua area?
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

WOW, congarts to you on a very nice buck.
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Good job Rangerboy! Congrats!
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

congrats on a fine buck, any buck with a bow is a trophy. Again congrats great shot and good story.

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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

nice job what part of Wisconsin did you kill the deer
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Excellent thread Ranger!!!! Congratulation's man!!!
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

Great first post!!! Congrats on the fine deer!
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Default RE: Northern Wisconsin 7 pt

WTG, Congrats on a job well done. Way to stick with it. I don't think I could sit out there that long with those weather conditions. Awesome job.
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