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 Halloween Rob Buck Down. (More pics pg 14) >

Halloween Rob Buck Down. (More pics pg 14)

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Halloween Rob Buck Down. (More pics pg 14)

Old 11-01-2008, 08:50 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Congrats Rob, your wife was right!
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Old 11-01-2008, 08:56 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Okay guys, bear with me. I'm overwhelmed and I don't want to miss anyone.

fatsbucknut, thank you. Can you imagine me shooting yet another unique one. Makes ya think I'm passing quality typicals to hunt for one of these guys. LOL

Thanks Siman08/OH, there he is.

LOL Germ, I wouldn't let ya down. Are you in the lead? I lost track. If I take all these Rob bucks out of the gene pool maybe I'll finally whack a typical. Look out IL, send your monster nontyps my way.

Many thanks kill it n grill it and wallhangr, definate character.

lifesadrag, he was a biggun. I'm glad Brian and I opted for the atv, not that we were afraid of the work but to keep the cape clean for mounting. We did huff it and puff it getting him up out of the drainage. I'll have to invest in a scale.
Oh, and my decoy laid in the grass in my honey hole, this spot is my hollow.

Appreciated IAhuntr.

duke, thanks and I just got word that we get an extra morning in IL which is always good. Monday the 10th is my bday so I'd love to shoot another bday buck, especially in IL but I won't wait if one presents itself Sunday!

TexasBowHunter, hammerman, pwrsrtk350, finner, racewayking, muckland, Walleyefever, thank you very much.

wild, thanks buddy.

jim1966, BOWHUNTER818, thanks much.

virginiashadow, he is one HELL of a buck. thank you.

MOTOWN, V8Ranger, The Deer Destroyer, KodiakArcher, thank you very much.

Greg / MO, thanks bud, no nuclear here and to think, of the 4 Rob bucks I've taken in the last 5 bucks, they came from 3 different areas. Hey, they just find me. LOL

buttonbuckmaster, he is a tank, I didn't weigh him but I should. Every year I get asked that cause it seems I do shoot big deer body wise. I have to invest in a scale. Ask Brian how heavy he was and oh, word of advice, don't try to drag deer in Muck shoes, right Brian?

stickler, I hope you do to, thanks neighbor.

thanks jackflap.

Mike, say it Hunsucker, This is my second Halloween buck. Seems it's a magical day in the whitetail world. Kiinda kicks off the next two weeks and we all know what the next two weeks will bring.

WesternMdHardwoods, I hope I still have a pickup load of mojo left.

GR8atta2d, I know I mentioned I didn't weigh him, most likely over a 200lber though. My taxi definately aged him at 3.5 years old so he was solid. He wasn't all rutted up. His neck was thickening up and his tarsals stunk to high heaven but he wasn't in full agailia.

WV Hunter, I don't know about deserve but I'm proud to have taken him. He's a good un.

robdre56, I hope you do well, thanks, GMMAT, wow came to mind when I first saw him too.

Thanks NY Bowhunter, how's the injury, you still out there?

Schultzy, they have a way of finding me don't they. Yup, who gives a **** cause if I wasn't proud of them, I wouldn't pull the trigger and I'm happier than hell with him. I guess I'll do a little turkey hunting this week as well as camera duties for friends. Next Saturday I leave for IL and can do it again, I hope. What are the odds for and against me taking a monster Rob buck in IL?

Huntinglady, thank you girl, I mentioned above this is my second Halloween buck but hey, I'll take that buck you shot anyday.

WesternMdHardwoods, it's not trick photography, it's just good photography and his score is down cause of tine length mostly plus some mass. I'm happy as hell with him. He only has a G1 and 2 on his left side and I added the other as an abnormal point.

Thanks Austin/WI, Pat Curtis, jcpopejr, bigbuck00 and Oneshot7. Yeah, he's a Rob buck.

Thanks, my7pointmonster, I'm a little miffed I didn't just turn the camera on. I know we don't know how it will play out but had I just turned it on and left it alone the buck would have walked directly into the frame when he stood looking up at the camera/or me. It would have been unique footage. I pushed the camera out of the way with my Octane stabilizer. LOL

brother bloodcrick, Happy belated bday to your boy. I'm feeling good about IL now. I told my friends that if I wasn't tagged out in PA that I wouldn't leave until after light next Saturday. Now we can leave Saturday morning and the outfitter said we can hunt all day Sunday even though we weren't scheduled til Monday. Hey, an extra day, I'll take it.

whitetailbowhutner, janesburg, thanks man, I mentioned above, I didn't weigh him but you can bet I'll have a scale before next year. I get asked that every year and I wish I had an answer.

early in, Mikey S., hatchet jack, VAbowman, thanks guys. I truly do appreciate it.

tkycaller, (wags), yup, I sure am. Ben might have me book for evenings but I'm available mornings if you want me to come down. Have camera, will travel and hell you have your great camera as well, we'll set them both up. Other than that, I'll be turkey hunting with my bow, there are birds out front of the house and I know where there is a group of gobblers.

BigDaddy12t, jjlemm001 thank you and thank you teammate Cougar Mag.

GregH, isn't that uncanny? Hey, if I can follow your footsteps I'll take it, now send me some 170's mojo for my IL trip!

Thanks buckmaster, Rory, Xzylum and jmbuckhunter. I know.

Brian, (BPBowhunter), Yes the words are necessary, I cannot appreciate your help enough. I'm waiting on the call to assist you at any time. Get that Patriot up here so we can get her ready as well.

Thanks quiksilver, BigJ71 how's the healing, thanks my big friend.

MATHEWS PA BOWHUNTER, thank you sir, I look forward to the pics, and congrats right back at ya. Halloween is special isn't it?

pa yote hunter, thank you too. Hoytail Hunter, lol, taking good pictures is a must. I have BPBowhunter to thank for the assist there too but 300? LOL not even close. That buck would go over 200 as a 3.5 but he wouldn't see 225 I'd doubt. He is a good bodied deer though.

Thanks mobockhunter79 and capt mauser06. Another one for Elowapi but you knew right, you were my capt before.

wis rifle hunter, Droptine249. Many thanks guys.

PreacherTony, lol thanks bud and it was great talking to you too. Sorry about the camera phone or lack there of. My cell is my work cell so I guess I'll break it and get me a camera phone. LOL

wibowhntr, lol, I know but I wish ever 500 entrants could kill a buck. I did for you last season as your teammate.

LOL what curse PABuck HNTR? I love my bowkills. I'm not cursed, I'm blessed

trailinone, nodog, your on the list of congratulators as well as the thank you list, thank you.

Thank you Carpmaster and nybowhunter.

Hang in there CCPaHunter, they are starting to move. I know it's suppose to be warm this week which is no help but hang in there.

Thanks mossberghunter93 and Matt/TN, I wouldn't call them messed up, I prefer the term unique!

And thanks bowmanaj, she usually is! I mean always is!

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Old 11-01-2008, 09:00 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Thanks NY Bowhunter, how's the injury, you still out there?
X-rays were negative. Nothing broken. Possible tendon damage. Going to see an orthopedist to check it out further. Yes I'm still out there. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion is going to keep my gimpy butt out of the woods this time of year.
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Old 11-01-2008, 09:06 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Congrats, Rob! Didn't get to comment on this until this morning, but I saw the pictures last evening. Awesome buck, great character as usual. Of course, it doesn't hurt you're on my team, as well I had a simialr scenario to yours this morning, but no shots. Saw a lone doe at around 7:30, then nothing. Around 9:15, 4 does come sprinting into the food plot, followed closely by a decent 6 point. He was chasing them all over. He never did get close enough. Congrats, again bud. Now it's Ben's turn.
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Old 11-01-2008, 09:27 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Way to go Rob, I passed a couple so far, and got one with my truck on Thursday.
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Old 11-01-2008, 09:37 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Congrats on an awesome buck! Gotta feel good man!
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Old 11-01-2008, 10:24 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

I just threw-up all my Halloween candy I ate last night looking at those photos. Congratulations on that Halloween monster.
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Old 11-01-2008, 10:32 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Wow, what an awesome buck! Congrats on the Halloween buck Rob!
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Old 11-01-2008, 10:36 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

I just signed on to see what you shot, Rob! That's a dandy buck and I'd be proud to have him too. Congrats man!
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Old 11-01-2008, 10:50 AM
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Default RE: Halloween Rob Buck Down.

Rob, congrats on the buck, that is an awesome looking rack. I didn't read every post, so I don't know if this was asked or not, but how far did he make it? Way to go bud!

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Quick Reply: Halloween Rob Buck Down. (More pics pg 14)

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