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Default Finally!

As some of you know this has been my worst year in in about five years as far as deer sightings. I just can't seem to put myself in the right place at the right time. The deer are there, just not when I am there and I have been putting A LOT of time in the woods. However, I will NOT give up trying to get a deer with my bow.

I decided to go to the club this evening and hunt. I picked out a spot last week on the edge of our cut down where a old grown up logging road splits a small tract of think pines and a small tract of hardwoods that I have no clue why the timber company left. Its just a 5ac tract that they decided to leave.

The deer are bedding in the small pines and going into the cut down to feed. This evening was the first time I decided to hunt it. I put my climber on a tree right at the edge of the cut down and logging road, kinda like a "T". Even though I had a good wind I was hoping that it would stop blowing and as usual when the sun started to drop, the wind quit.

At about 6:30pm I had a yearling doe come out and mess around for at least 20 minutes and she was very alert and kept looking behid her so I knew something was going to eventually come out. With my season so far I decided even if it was momma that I was going to shoot her.

After about 25 minutes I could hear more deer walking around in the thick pines behind her and then one of them started making its way out into the "T". My heart started racing so bad that I nearly made my arrow fall out of my rest and I USE A FULL CONTAINMENT REST!!! There are rubs not even 15yds from me that are on trees 6in in dia. so I know theres a big boy around somewhere.

I could see that it was a buck, but he stepped behind some buches. The doe had enough of him so she turned around and took off. This caused him to step out in the grown up road and just as he started to break off after her I "bahhed" and he stopped. Perfectly broad side at about 27-30yds. I drew back and put my pin behind his shoulder and let the arrow fly.

The buck took off in the direction he was orginally headed and I heard him crash not even 30yds away. I lowered my bow and paced myself so I wouldn't fall out of the tree because I was shaking so bad. When I finally got down and got to my arrow I picked it up. It was COVERED in blood. Blood dripping off of the fletchings, shaft, and even the broad head.

I knew he couldn't have went too far with all that blood. I couldn't find any blood at the impact site, but I did find the first blood only a few yards away. I followed it right to the buck. He had crashed not even 30 yards from where I shot him. I was so excited I think I done one of those cheesey tv show throw your arms up and thank God moves!! LoL The arrow hit a little high, but straight through both lungs. I really couldn't have made a better shot!!!

It wasn't the big buck that is turning 6in trees into tooth picks, but I am more proud of this deer than any I have ever killed. I've worked my tail off for two years trying to get a deer with my bow and I've finally done it!

I let several bucks this size walk last year and it made me buy meat from the grocery store all year. Promised myself I wouldn't let that happen this year. I was using 2 blade Rage heads.

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Default RE: Finally!

I lowered my bow and paced myself so I wouldn't fall out of the tree because I was shaking so bad.
I love It!! That's a great feeling!!

Congratulation's Strut!!!
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Default RE: Finally!

Yea baby thats what I'm talking about! A bid conrats dude.
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Default RE: Finally!

Nice job!!! Way to go!
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Default RE: Finally!

Nice shot!!
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Default RE: Finally!

Sweet ain't it??? Congrats on your buck brother!!!!
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Default RE: Finally!

Awesome man, congrats, id be tickled to take that buck.
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Default RE: Finally!

Way to go! Congrats!
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Default RE: Finally!

Great job on getting meat in the freezer!
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Default RE: Finally!

Your the man!
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Quick Reply: Finally!

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