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10 pt Down

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Default 10 pt Down

Well, it has been a long time coming for sure. I have shot a lot of hogs and does but only a couple very small basket bucks. I got off work this morning at 0630 and headed for the woods. I got all my stuff on and was in the tree by 0700. I was enjoying the morning when I heard a rustling. I turned around and saw a tree move. I then hear walking sound. I grabbed my bow and turned around. I then saw a deer. I though it was a doe at first. I didn't care I was gonna shoot my first mature doe and get it done. All of a sudden the deer raised it head and I noticed it had horns. I was elated. I had to really lean out around the tree behind me when he stepped on out. he was about to get away and paused for just a second. I was scared my limbs were gonna bump the tree. I anchored and settled my pin right in front of the back left leg at 25 yards. I let her rip. The tracer nock lit up very well and I saw the impact as the rage 2 blade tore up into its chest. I was a little worried as there was a lotta arrow sticking out of him as he bolted off. I listened intently to hear a crash a short distance. I had to sit down as buck fever settled in. My body trembled with excitement. I called my wife and kids and told them to bring my Little girl "Maybelle" to the scene. This was gonna be her first tracking job. I have been training her all summer on blood trails. She has been doing great. She doesn't bark but sure trails blood for them cookie treats well. I waited about 30 minutes and climbed outta my treestand. I went over to the sight and go very nervous. There wasn't any blood. I headed back for my truck and dug up one of my yote traps while waiting for the girls to get there. They arrived after 45 minutes from the shot. We made our way to the shot site and Maybelle was trembling with excitement. She knew what was coming. I put her on the site but she just went in circles. I coaxed her up into the brush with me and then her hair raised on her back and she started zig zagging. I haven't seen this behavior from her before with the raised hair. I followed behind her and a short distance I could see my tracer nock standing erect lit up and Maybelle making a bee line for the deer. Maybelle stretched out and began sniffing it intently. I coaxed her to it and encouraged her to lick up the blood. Gave her some jerky treats my wife brought and we celebrated together. She never let out a bark as usual until we started to drag the buck out of the woods. I commanded her to bark and as soon as we started moving the deer the howling and barking commenced. It was commical to say the least. I kept encouraging her to bark at the deer. I hope to train her to bark when she finds a deer. Right now I have a big cow bell on her so I can keep up with her in the woods. I know for a beagle it is unusal for them to not bark but when trailing she is quiet as a mouse. Hope you enjoyed my story and the picture. I am happy, our hard work paid off. I hope to put her on many more deer as I have let it be known if you are close to the PB area give me a shout and I will come if you need help.

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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Congrats on a great buck, Cute dog.
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Thats awesome. Good story, nice buck.
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Congratulation's on a great buck!! Very nice clean looking picture!! It shows allot of class, well done!!
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Congrats, and nice looking pup
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Congrats, That is an awesome buck.
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Congrats to you and to Maybelle on your first deer together, hope there are many more for both of you!
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Thats a very nice picture of you and Maybelle and the deer sure adds to it. Very cool to see someone take the time and energy to take good pics.
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

great deer BIG body on that thing congrats
[align=left] [/align]
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Default RE: 10 pt Down

Great job! What a heck of photo that is...hold that pic tight on your hunting wall of fame.
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