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Default Fate?

Craziest thing happened last night while on stand, but first let me back up to last season.

It was about this time last season i was on my way to my stand. I decided to walk this creek in that was located deep down in this steep ravine with cliffs on both sides of me. All of a sudden i look up to my right and spot a beautiful buck perched on the top of this cliff, he wasn't aware of my presence because i was walking the creek to cut down on my noise. I have never practices an uphill shot to this degree but i figured that it would be exact opposite as shooting from an elevated stand position, i figured that i will just aim a few inches high on the buck and let it rip. I did exactly that but the arrow did no ripping as i watched it fly into the clouds. I remembered thinking well it was nice knowing you arrow.

So fast forward to last night. I am hunting a new spot this season on the other side of the property. I have had a feeder setup here since summer and have had a ton of doe activity and only a few small younger bucks. So, i'm sitting up in my stand and i see movement ahead coming into the feeder and i can tell that is a big bodied mature deer. It finally gets close and i can tell that it is that same buck that i had missed the year before. I had never seen this buck besides that one encounter and my heart starts racing. Then all of a sudden he turns and runs off, i know that he couldn't have winded me because he was upwind and the winds were strong last night. So i'm sitting there all bummed out and after a couple hours had passed i spotted what looked like and arrow laying about ten yards out from the base of my tree. When i finally climbed down to take a look it dawned on me that it was the same exact arrow that i had shot at that buck with last season. The crazy part is that the thing flew so far and didn't even stick into the ground or a tree. It looked as if it were just placed there for me to find. The rage broadhead on it was in excellent shape with only a very small rust spot that was easily rubbed off with some steel wool. The only weird thing was that the knock was gone.

This is just too weird, it has to be fate or something. That arrow and that deer belong together and i intend to unite them this season.

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Default RE: Fate?

Hey, your current arrows are my colors.

And that is strange. Is your stand on the line of the shot?

And uphill shots, you just bend up at the waste, opposite from bending down at the waist and shoot the correct distance. Bend at the waste, don't aim high, if anything, you should aim low, aim for the exit hole.
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Default RE: Fate?

That's just someone telling ya that you are where you are supposed to be. Neat story.
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Default RE: Fate?

Thats very interesting

Same Deer
Same Arrow

Now was it the same day? lol
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Default RE: Fate?

wow that is really weird but you never know if could be fate. you gotta think that everthing happens for a reason maybe you will get a bigger one
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Default RE: Fate?

That's crazy!
How was that broadhead not rusted to hell, and lodged in a tree somewhere?!
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Default RE: Fate?

Very cool...

As for uphill / down hill shots. They are dependent on the gravity forces for the distance traveled. Regardless if uphill or downhill same distance the aim pointwillbe the same.
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Default RE: Fate?

Thats truly a story that makes ya think. What are the chances of that?
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Default RE: Fate?

I shot at a buck after thanksgiving, '06. Arrow must have hita twig or something in the low light.

So I'm glassing on a hunt last fall.......and see my arrow sticking in the side of a tree.

Maybe fate's on your side, too. I shot that same buck 12/9/06.

Here's the arrow I found in the side of the tree (and retrieved, later).

And the same buck.....taken a few weeks later....

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Default RE: Fate?

Wow, how cool you got your arrows back.
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Quick Reply: Fate?

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