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Moon Phase

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Default Moon Phase

I am interested in the moon phase and hunting by the moon. I hear that with a full moon deer move more later in the mornings, earlier in the evenings. So how does the moon affect the way deer travel?
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Default RE: Moon Phase

Of all of the thingsone needs to be aware of and concerned about when hunting whitetails, moon is at the very bottom of my list. If you consider the countless studies that have been done over the years, and the fact that they all contradict each other, one has to surmise that it has very little, or no influence.
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Default RE: Moon Phase

I am a believer, sorry. Try this, next time you are driving and you see a lot of deer; not one one or two, but a lot.....look up. I bet you a dollar the moon is in the sky. A million factors affect deer movement. But a very, very strong factor is the moon. Theory is , that deer move twice a day. Once when the moon is directly overhead and the other is when the moon is directly beneath your feet. Theory also says they "stretch and pee" when the moon is at 90 degree angles. You don't have to drink the koolaid to buy in....just know that it is a factor. It is a lot like fishing the tides. If you can hunt a day when the major and minor(overhead and underfoot)occur during daylight hours; its a money shot. You will see deer....
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Moon Phase

Here is a good article I was reading about the moon phaseand deer movement.

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Default RE: Moon Phase


Here is a good article I was reading about the moon phaseand deer movement.

Interesting article. How do you predict when they'll be a full moon visible during the day?
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Default RE: Moon Phase

Moon phase doe shas some limited influence, mainly the light levels. Deer move more on darker periods than during lighter ones. That influence is minimal at best.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Moon Phase

Rut Prediction for the North
This year's rutting moon (second full moon after the autumn equinox) is Nov. 13. Unlike last year, when the rutting moon fell on Oct. 26 and saw prime rutting activity occurring in early November, this yeart rutting action will likely take place from Nov. 10 to the end
of the month in the North. With this in mind, let's look at how the 2008 rut will unfold north ofthe 35th latitude.
l. Seeking phase. Two or three days before the full moon on Nov. 13, the rut's seeking phase will ramp up and be evident by the increase in daytime buck activity. In more populated areas, you'll be tipped off by the increased number of deer-vehicle collisions.
2. Chasing phase.
By Nov. 15, it will be obvious the chase phase has started. Chasing should be intense by the l7th or 18th ... if your area has a good
adult-doe-to-antlered-buck-ratio and a healthy population of mature bucks in the herd. That means a lot of bie buckswill be rutting hard when gun-hunting seasons open across the country. When comoetition exists for breeding rights, it nearly always equates to greater rutting behavior in the form of rubbing, scraping, chasing and fighting. This phase of the rut is, without question, my favorite time to hunt.
3. Breeding phase.
Breeding will be noticeable from Nov. 18 to 28, with peak breeding occurring around Nov. 23 2008
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