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Too late for minerals?

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Too late for minerals?

Old 08-19-2008, 11:09 AM
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Default Too late for minerals?

A guy I work with makes and sells these little 25lb. bags of deer minerals. I have a spot I need to go into, Thursday, and I was wondering if you thought it was too late to out these out.

I have to go in to find a suitable tree. I thought.....as long as I was going in....I could establish a new mineral lick on the new property pretty easily. Kind of an....as long as I'm going in, anyways.....kind of deal. Maybe even set a camera over it and pick it up when I hutn that stand for the first time.

Woud you even worry about minerals, now? Even if they won't use them that much more, this year......they'll at least know where the site is for future reference.

I wouldn't go in there for this purpose, alone. But ....if I'm going anyways......

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Old 08-19-2008, 11:14 AM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

Can't hurt...might give you that 1% edge...at minimal cost I assume.
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Old 08-19-2008, 11:18 AM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

It won't hurt anything, but like you said yourself it will allow them to find it and know where it is and if you keep it freshened up it will be a good one for next year I would think!!!
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Old 08-19-2008, 11:23 AM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

It cant hurt, i set one up about this time last year and got a decent pick of an 8 point, but that was it. But like others mentioned, they will know its there and will be on it early next year, its not going to go bad.
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Old 08-19-2008, 11:36 AM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

I don't think it would hurt your hunt.
Now I'm in the same situation. I have some new private land to hunt and one of my hunting partners wants to put down minerals. I don't think we need to. Its the only bush for miles around and the deer USE it to its full extent. I don't want anything changed.
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Old 08-19-2008, 11:58 AM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

I would do it, in fact I am putting some out next week.

Do they "need" minerals right now?Not especially, but how many of those things that you "want" do you really "need"? They will be attracted to them even if their bodies aren't especially craving them right now. I see my mineral sites get hit just about as hard in the fall as any other time of year.

When the mineral site gets to be a hole in the ground,and thenit rains and fills with water, it seems the deer really like drinking the mineral water out of the hole. There will be tracks all around it in the mud.
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Old 08-19-2008, 12:34 PM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

Im sure it wouldnt hurt your chances. Here in Ohio, the bucks are pounding the minerals.
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Old 08-19-2008, 12:47 PM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

I definately would still put them out. The deer are still hitting out mineral sites here in MO.

Acutally, a few years ago i killed a really nice buck on the first weekend of season that came right into some deer cane i put out a few weeks before...
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Old 08-19-2008, 12:54 PM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

mine are just now getting hit real hard. i think the later the better actually. I'm not sure some of these stay in the ground as long as they should. waiting a little later remedies that. and they need minerals year round.
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Old 08-19-2008, 01:18 PM
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Default RE: Too late for minerals?

I know of a man who digs a hole just bigger in diameter than a post hole about 2 feet deep right before season. He will then cover it with about 2 or 3 inches of dirt and leave it. He does this right in the middle of trails where he expects to see a buck. He tells me it works more times than not at stopping a deer at any point in the season early or late. I know some can not hunt over minerals, but it may not hurt your chances.

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