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Default trespassers

i have a open field surrounded by trees that i hunt and have never had troubles with trespassers. but now this year i put in food plots and salt licks. i have a bunch of Deleted for skirting profanity filter using it as a racetrack for the four wheelers. they do not go on it during the day either- only at night. i put up "posted" signs and signed them . what else can i do. i put up a trail cam ... but no pics yet. any help?????!!!

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Default RE: trespassers

Put some razor wire across their track and in the morning collect your
trophies (4 wheelers), your on your own with the bodies.

or you could have the sherrif come out and take a look.
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Default RE: trespassers

Run a single strand across one of their runs, they'll get the message. They're scumbags with no reguard for other peoples property, plain and simple.[:'(][>:][>:]
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Default RE: trespassers

If there is a definite trail there using dig a trench about 3 foot deep and at least that wide cover it with small limbs leaves etc ! It will get there attention trust me . When it comes to poachers and trespassersyou have tomake them a believer sometimes. The landowner i hunt with removed two men from his property that he caught the year before and warned them then not to return well they returned last year and he ******ed them with a double barrel shotgun he called the sheriff as he walked themto the his houseand they were arrested on the spot . Needless to say word has gotten around and no one wants to chance it ! You invest lot's of time and money into your hunting you sometimes got to do whatever it takes to get the word out to stay off private land ! Im not saying kill somebody by any means !
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Default RE: trespassers

Just so you know, razor wire or evena single strand across one of the runs can end you up in jail and getting sued. I highly recommend sitting at where they are entering the field in the evening and intercepting them. If they are in a truck, take down the license plate number. A nice talk about trespassing and respecting someone else's property. End the conversation with further incidents will involve law enforcement. If it happens again, find a secretive spot and call law enforcement as soon as they show up. Get photos & when law enforcement shows up, ask for a copy of the police report to follow up with civil action afterwards.
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Default RE: trespassers

RAZOR WIRE[] Your kidding right! Someone could get killed, Call the Police and let them do their job. Don't do something stupid that you will regret the rest of your life. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES {Forrest Gump}

Hatchet Jack

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Default RE: trespassers

Just wait or follow there tracks back to where they start and get them that way. If you do something malitious you'll be the one with the boyfriend name bubba.
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Default RE: trespassers

Not to beat a dead horse but taking any type of "self-help" measures (barbed wire, trenches, spike strips, etc) makes YOU the bad guy, legally speaking.Your best bet would be to get the local authorities involved and let them take care of it. A trail cam would be a good idea and could def give you some good evidence but i would be worried about the trespassers stealing them since they obviously have no respect for other people's property.
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Default RE: trespassers

1x6 with nails drove through it an put it in the ground... let em flaten all 4 tires.....jus remember to not walk on it!
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Default RE: trespassers

That hole senario bites .
Ive been lucky the last couple of years but you never no .
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Quick Reply: trespassers

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