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Old 07-07-2008, 08:52 AM   #1
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Default Huge rack = lotta points?

This always cracks me up and I"™m sure many of you know guys like this. The ones always seeing the 12 & 14 points. It seems like so many guys see a big racked buck and are automatically giving it a higher number of points because its big. I was at a party this weekend, and a pretty nice 8 point come thru the guy"™s yard. 16-17" wide, 7-8" tines. He"™d been seeing it for several weeks now. One of the party goers saw it and was like "œoh that thing is big, its gotta be at least a 10, probably a 12 point, being that big". I couldn"™t help but smile. I know guys that see "œ12 points" all the time, and know full well they didn"™t count points, but if its big to them, it MUST be a 12 point.
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

lol, ever time we go to breakfast at this corner cafe up in gallatin on opening morning, someones always in there telling us how they missed the 14 pointer. That seems to be the story every time someone misses a nice little 8 or even a small 10, the story ends up as a boone and crockett 14 point
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

Damn Ryan I hear this all the time!! Its usually the gun hunters or the farmers in the area saying this to me. If they were all right with there observations I'd have booners coming out of the woods every where!
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

WHAT!!!??? IT'S NOT TRUE!!??? J/k yeah I find that a lot of peopleae exaggerate when it comes to talking about the number of deer they have seend and the size.
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

I share similar thoughts. If someone says they saw (or missed, or whatever)a 12 (or 14) pointer around here, I almost automatically discount it. They exist, of course, but very rarely. ThemostpointsI have seen are two 11 point typicals (notincluding nontypical stickers), out ofmaybe ahundred or more mature bucks over the years. I knew a forked brow tine 12 but that doesnt count as a typical.
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

I take what my neighbors say with a grain of salt.....but I still listen.

My next door neighbor (and by that....I mean he lives on the 25 acre tract, beside me) is the exception. He's a former bowhunter....and when he tells me he saw something that got his attention......I listen. He saw my '06 8-pointer before I did. He said...."He's a nice8-pointer for around here". When I showed him the harvestphoto....he said "Yep...that's him".

My best little woodlot........the landowner told me of a buck that was hanging out in there.....that looked like his rack was too big for his body. He saw me drag my '06 buck out.....and said "Yep.....that's him".....lol.

Same deer......two different descriptions.....by two different experience level people.

So.....like I said....I take everything they say with a grain of salt.

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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

I had a brother-in-law that always seen big deer, I mean every outing. The funny part is, he never put one down. I got to know his BS line after hunting with him the first year. Everything was a 12, but his kick was they had "stickers" or "kickers". Everyone knew it was BS if he said the word stickers or kickers.
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

Same story around here with most guys.

But my dad, who doesnt hunt,is on the other end of the spectrum. Almost everything he sees is a 6 point even the 140 and 150 class deer.I tried to teach him how to estimate points, and heevenhas a high quality set of binos and spotting scope. Nothing has helped.The funny thing is that ive never found any sheds from a 6 pointer on the farm. Wekilled and shown him sheds from deer killedscoring over 140" that heseen several times and thought were 6 pointers.(One was a 12 pointer and one was an 8 pointer)
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

I here you Ryan I work with a guy that has seen a 16 pointer every opening day for firearm for the last 10 years But never gets him
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Default RE: Huge rack = lotta points?

Ryan, I've always wondered if that was just a PA thing or if it happens elsewhere too. Around here the majority of the bucks, even the very big bucks carry an 8 point frame. I don't know why, that's just the way it is. But you'll see a big boy posing in a field far off and someone in the shop will be talking about him saying just what you said. "He had to be at least a 10 point being that big."

10 points around here are pretty special. If you see a 12 you'd better shoot because that is rare for this area.
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