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Default Silver impreganated vs. carbon scent control clothing

I was looking at some of the new lines of silver scent clothing as an alternate to carbon clothing and wanted to see if any studies have been done to compare the two and if you have used both which do you like more. I sure like the idea of the easier maintenence on the silver line but as far as I am concerned their is no track record that I am aware of. Actually I would love to see some scientific proof with any of the scent control means as I often wonder if I am spending way too much money on the stuff. I can never really tell if I can smell myself, and I know I will never have the nose of a whitetail.
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Default RE: Silver impreganated vs. carbon scent control clothing


Actually I would love to see some scientific proof with any of the scent control means as I often wonder if I am spending way too much money on the stuff.
You, me and everybody else. They have done some test studys with bloodhounds on carbon clothing... and the bloodhounds won.

Carbon clothing was initially designed as a barrier method to chemical warefare/gas attacks. There is no denying that both carbon, and even silver will absorb and neutralize gases. However, while they may soak up enough mustard gas or nerve agent to keep you alive, they aren't 100% perfect. How much human odor/gases they soak up compared with what we put out is way beyond me. I'm not even sure exactly what gases our skin emit (probably methane and some type of CO2).

Bottom line... I'm sure they don't HURT.... but my question is do they do $300 worth of good in helping aid in scent control? My bet is that they do not. Now, $20 for scent killer and scent free body wash... thats a lot of return for your investment. Another big return is $2 for a small container of talcum powder so you can check the wind....infact... thats like buying a lottery ticket you know is a winner.
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Default RE: Silver impreganated vs. carbon scent control clothing

Save you're money to pursue properties where big bucks live - that's what will allow any hunter to "kill bigger bucks" - I believe is what the add says....
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Default RE: Silver impreganated vs. carbon scent control clothing

I personally won't drop the $$ on big scent blocker items. I believe scent control should be a big priority, but that can be accomplished through proper clothing washing/storage, use of scent killer product (if you feel so inclined), and trying your best to pay attention to wind direction (which can be quite difficult). It's not perfect, but it has worked for me.
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Default RE: Silver impreganated vs. carbon scent control clothing

I don't believe it's about completely hiding my Scent but more trying to dilute it as much as possible. I use both!

Why not?

I have to wear some sort of clothing might as well be something that has a chance of helping me control/dilute my scent.

IMO it has helped me see more deer at close range the last few years while using it than before. I also follow a strict scent control regimen, and hunt the wind. I may need to only fool a deer or 2 for a few seconds

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I believe the silver is an ant-bacterial agent. Not an scent absorber like carbon. Our scent comes from the bacteria on our skin. So if the bacteria can't live on your skin in the presence of the silver, you won't smell like a human. You may still smell like other odors absorbed by the material, but they won't know your there!
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The silver stuff works marginally better than the carbon stuff in controlled testing, neither worked well or for long. Bathing in an unscented antibacterial product, and applying one to your clothing is about as good as you're going to get. I use baking soda in the wash with Sportwash, and store my hunt duds in a closet with an ozone generator, I apply Deer Dander before going out. This past season a six pointer paused directly downwind of my ground blind, he never alarmed aside from a low snort and hoof stamping, and after I made some squirrel sounds he calmly walked away.
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I'm surprised to see that a lot of hunter prefer not to buy the scent control clothing.

I already have a set of Scent Loc and Scent Sheild, both were Christmas gifts. I think scent control clothing is overpriced for sure.

I would have to say that I dont think you need a set of outter scent control. I'd stick with a scent control base layer, use sprays, and play the wind.
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Hard Core Hunter.... that is the best No words message I have ever read... I mean seen! haha.
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