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Default Entrance and exit

How many of you actually change your entrance and exit to your deer stand?? Do you think it really makes a difference?? Have you seen proof?
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Default RE: Entrance and exit

I just try to use a route that the deer don't travel, cross as few deer trails as possible and never step on a deer trail.
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Default RE: Entrance and exit

Man I hope so! This will be my first year bow hunting. I was able to gain access to a small parcel of big woods here in relatively suburban town. As a ways to narrow it down a bit (there is deer sign EVERYWHERE), I limited myself to traveling the shallow creek that runs through the property. I found the two most used crossings and that is where I shall be putting my treestands this fall. I will be using the creek exclusively to get in and out of the area.
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Default RE: Entrance and exit

Depends if its mornings or evenings. Mornings I go in different then I would in an evening hunt.
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Default RE: Entrance and exit

No, dependant upon the wind is the only reason I would make a change in how I approach my blind..... I've had deer walk completely down the same trail I took on my way in more than once, so the hype is slightly overrated
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Default RE: Entrance and exit

I always play the wind.....

so occasionally that means walking to the same stand different ways....though usually wind changes means I hunt different stands....

I try to keep my walks in/out to a minimum, therefore if the wind changes 180, I would go from say a short walk, to a very long walk.....and walking through areas I do not want to disturb, thefore I just hunt other stands according to that particular wind....and try not to disturb too much area on my way in.

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Default RE: Entrance and exit

deer aren't hunted much where I bowhunt at so they're not too skittish. I don't bother changing my entrance and exit. In the future on a different property I'll take more caution
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